Department of ophthalmology

International cooperation


Responsible person – Associate Professor,Ph.D. Kurilina Elena, phone number 067 209 37 94


Integration into international scientific processes, involvement in modern achievements of medical, ophthalmological technologies is one of the important priorities of the department. International cooperation of the department is an important component of its traditional activities since its inception. The first head of the Department of ophthalmology, Professor Ivanov, was well recognized in Russia and Germany, was known throughout Europe. During all historical stages of its existence, the leading scientists of the department took part in the main ophthalmological world and European forums, congresses, symposia, meetings, presenting the scientific achievements of the department and enriching the scientific treasury of the department and National Medical University with the latest world achievements, discoveries, diagnostics and medicine.





The head of the department together with the members also actively participate in international workshops and training programs. Members of the department annually participate in international conferences and congresses, where they have repeatedly presented their reports.