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Department of ophthalmology



  • Responsible person SalataPavlo, PhD, Assistant of Department of Ophthalmology, phone number 066-123-44-55, e-mail of the department –


2021-2022 s.y.



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2021-2022 s.y.


Teaching and methodological work is a priority for the department of ophthalmology in the preparation of highly advanced medical personnel in Ukraine and around the world.



Guided by the principles of the Bologna Declaration, stuff of the department pays much attention to the implementation of European standards of training of young specialists. The main forms of educational process are lectures, workshops, consultations and individual work of students. Students are introduced to various forms of visual system pathology and clinical approaches to its treatment, acquire the ability to diagnose and treat emergency care for injuries of the eyes, sudden loss of vision and acute inflammation of the conjunctiva, cornea, choroid.

For the methodical maintenance of the educational process of the current and final control knowledge at the department available sufficient bank of a situational tasks and tests on all sections of the course ophthalmology at Ukrainian, Russian and English languages, and Format “A” tests for preparation for the licensed examination” STEP-2 “are used in each session to assess the current and final level of knowledge.



Since 2008, the department introduced English language teaching (responsible – Associate professor Kurilina O.I.). The department has elaborated and published guidelines for workshops and lectures. Defined the list of recommended English literature in ophthalmology. Before the development of teaching materials, lectures and workshops with English-speaking students involved teachers who are fluent in English, or have the certificate of courses at the Department of Foreign Languages NMU: professors Vitovska O.P., Skrypnyk R.L., Associate professors Zhaboedov D.G., Kurilina O.I., assistants Parkhomenko O.G., KomarovaT.M..

On the lectures, built on the problematic principle, reading by Chair of the department, professors, and associate professors multimedia presentations, spreadsheets, slides, videos about eye examination techniques, modern medical technology and surgery, color educational atlases are displayed, invited patients.

Practical exercises in ophthalmology at the department are held with students of dental and medical faculties number 1, 2, 3, 4 and faculty training physicians for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as medical and psychological faculty, graduate students, masters, interns, clinical residents. Widely used computer programs for learning, the workshops demonstrated patients with severe visual impairments, processed practical skills and advanced therapies.

Much attention is paid at the Department to independent extracurricular work of students, such as curation of patients in the clinic, solving situational problems, self mastery of research methods, preparation of reports and presentations and protection on a practical level. It allows students to acquire the necessary skills and expand their knowledge. For methodological support independent extracurricular work of students at the department developed training materials available to prepare for workshops and integrated licensed control tests “Step 2”.