Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine

In order to optimize research at the university, create conditions for research work of students, rational use of budget funds, in 2014 it was decided to reorganize the Institute of Pathology and the Institute of Immunology and Allergology into the Research Institute of Experimental and Clinical Medicine. (order № 752 of 09.12.2014).


Address: Kyiv, 34 Peremoha Avenue, physico-chemical building, 1-2 floors

Tel .: (044) 456-91-13, (044) 454-49-14,

Mobile: 050-618-555-9 and 098-457-999-6





Scientific Adviser – MD, prof. Natrus Larysa Valentynivna

Tel .: (050) 178-07-77, (096) 234-97-87







Acting in lieu of director – Klys Yuliya Hryhorivna Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Research, Ph.D., Biology.



Tel .: (093) 513-50-14








According to the Regulations on the ECM Research Institute (Addition 1), the activities of the ECM Research Institute are aimed at:


  • providing modern experimental, laboratory and research base for scientific and scientific-technical activity of Bogomolets NMU
  • providing employees of NMU departments and young scientists with consulting assistance in planning scientific activities in the most relevant areas of medicine and biology, implementation of research and development results, taking into account the achievements of science and technology and the capabilities of modern experimental laboratory base of NMU;
  • providing methodical scientific and educational base for experimental research work of students;
  • performance on a contractual basis of research in clinical laboratory diagnostics (immunological, cytological, enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays, molecular genetic studies, etc.) and histological, electron microscopic, chromatographic and scientific consulting activities related to the interpretation of the results;


The main structural units of the ECM Research Institute are:

  • Laboratory of experimental research;
  • Laboratory of clinical laboratory diagnostics
  • Laboratory of Immunology and Molecular Biology