Expel,renewal and student’s transfer


“Provisions on state higher school”

Decree from Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, dd. 05.09.1996, No 1074

s. 66. Student will be expelled from the higher school:
1. On his/her own free will;
2. Due to the mobilization to the national military service (except the students at higher schools of III and IV level of accreditation).

3. For failure in passing through exams and credits during session.

4. For failure to follow to requirements of curriculum and academic process schedule.

5. For appearance in the drunken state, narcotic or toxicological intoxication at classes in the academic building, library, hostel.

6. Due to the judgment of the court that enters into legal force, or due to the resolution from state authority, which competence includes imposition of administrative penalty of application of public influence measures.

7. Because of single gross violation of discipline and Internal Regulations of higher school (with consent from trade union of organization)


“Temporary provisions on organization of academic process in credit modular system of specialists”, Order from Ministry of education and science of Ukraine, dd. 23.01.2004 No 48 “On fulfillment of pedagogical experiment on credit modular system in organization of academic process”).

s. 8. The expel of the student, who study due to credit modular system, for academic unproficiency is carried out if the student fails to fulfill the individual curriculum, failed results from semester control on substantive modules or if the student cannot formulate the individual plan for the next year as a result from failure to pass through planned substantive modules and restrictions, imposed by structural logic scheme of training, as well for infringement of terms in the agreement on study.



Renewal of students is carried out by the rector of O.O. Bogomolets NMU, regardless of the length of a break in study, reasons for expel, employment record and taking into account the candidate’s ability successfully to execute a schedule of the educational process.

Application for renewal of the O.O. Bogomolets NMU ‘s student should be considered within 2 weeks and the applicant will be notified about acceptance conditions for study or reason for the refusal.

Renewal of students at the 1st course of O.O. Bogomolets NMU on the state-subsidized terms is prohibited.

Under the regulations Rector of O.O. Bogomolets NMU is entitled to renew the II year students who were expelled from the 1st course and, subject to liquidation of their failed exams until beginning of classes.



Those persons, who study at higher schools, can interrupt training due to circumstances that prevent from fulfillment of the curriculum (for health reasons, on occasion of pregnancy and childbirth, conscription for military service in case of loss of respite from studies or training in educational and scientific institutions of foreign countries, etc.). The persons, who have interrupted their study in higher educational institution, are provided with the study leave.

The study leave for health reasons is provided to medical students by the rector pursuant to the conclusion of Medical Treatment and Control Commission of student clinic. Its maximum duration is established to one year. The maternity leave, leave for child care until they reach age of 3 years, and if the child is sick and requires home care, until the child reaches 6 years old are provided in accordance with labor laws in Ukraine.

The re-education is the re-passage of the course of study for defined semester by workable student (who is not entitled to a study leave for medical reasons), which curriculum the student has not complied in full volume due to good reasons: because of prolonged or frequent illness (more than 1 month during a semester), business trips, difficult family circumstances, including the need to care for family members and others.

The question of the right to re-education is solved by the rector of the university if there is resolution of Medical Treatment and Control Commission, by order of the Dean before the beginning of defined semester and is executed by the order from the Rector of the university.



Those persons, who study in higher educational institutions, may be transferred from:

  • One higher educational institution to another higher educational institution;
  • One specialty to another direction of training within the area of experience;
  • One specialty to another specialty within the same direction of training.

The transfer procedure for persons who study in higher educational institutions is determined by the special authorized central executive authority in the field of education and science.