Department of ophthalmology

Scientific work

Responsible person – Konakh Vita, PhD, Associate Professor, phone number 0957023638


Main directions of work – neuroophthalmology, pathology of the optic nerve and retina. Diseases of the anterior segment of the eye.


General characteristics of the research activities of the department
The Department performes the planned research work on the topic:

In particular, consider the following relevant research areas as:


  •      Traumatic pathology of the eye.
  •      Diabetic lesions of the eye;
  •      Modern surgery and treatment of glaucoma;
  •      Cataract and refractive surgery;
  •      Pathology of retina and optic nerve;
  •      Treatment of the “dry eye”syndrome ;


  • Pathology of retina and optic nerve in patients with diabetes
  • The development of modern medical technology for functional recovery through physiotherapy ofpneumatic, lighting and color effects on blood vessels fronto-occipital-parietal partt of visual system;
  • Improving the diagnosis and treatment efficacy of vascular and degenerative eye diseases
  • Diagnosis and treatment of neuroretinopathy;
  • Diagnosis and treatment of neuroretinopathyn, induced by injuries, vascular and endocrine pathology.


  • Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of NAS of Ukraine.
  •      Research laboratory center of Bogomolets NMU.
  •      Palladin Institute of Biochemistry of NAS of Ukraine.
  • Romodanovs Institute of Neurosurgery of NAMS of Ukraine.
  •      SPC Neuroroentgenosurgery of NAMS of Ukraine.
  •      Medical Center “Ailas”
  •      Institute of Gerontology of NAMS Ukraine.
  •      Institute of Endocrinology and Metabolism of NAMS of Ukraine.
  •      Endocrinological Kyiv City Clinical Hospital.

The results of the research department.

  • Aquired a new data on the epidemiology of injuries of accessory apparatus of the eye (AAE). Based on the analysis tends to increase in the number of serious injuries of AAE from 18,0 ± 0,6% to 22,0 ± 0,6%.Among these the most common injuries – injuries ever. Most often they occur in the able-bodied men young and middle age – 65,8 ± 0,8%.
  • Supplemented scientific evidence on the causes that contribute to the emergence of posttraumatic defects AAE: automobile injury – 27,8 ± 1,7%, injury by details of construction tools – 18,3 ± 1,5%, injury by fireworks – 16,0 ± 1,4 % gunshot wounds – 10,0 ± 1,2%, animal bites – 8,3 ± 1,1%.
  •  Elaborated the program and methodology for assessing areas of traumatic defects of the eye adnexa
  • Recommended for implementation in practice of the complex method of treating post-traumatic injuriesof the eye adnexa, which is the differential performance of reconstructive operations on the basis of anatomical features of the structure of the support system of the eye from the position oftalmoplastyky species damaging agents, factors that affect the functional and aesthetic result of reconstruction, the individual computer cybernetic sculpture selection mode depending on the size, depth and location of the defect.
  • Recommended for implementation in practice of the way of plastic of hernial ring on the lids and prolapse of the fat cellular of the orbit.


Publishing activity of the Department 

Monograph “Atrophy of the optic nerve: major problems and ways of prevention”. Kyiv, 2016. OP Vitovska, VA Vasyuta, V.M. Konakh.

Abstract: Atrophy of the optic nerve remains the most severe neuroophthalmic disease. That is why an in-depth study of the main trends of prevalence, etiological factors of methods of diagnostics and treatment, as well as the quality of organization of care in this category of patients are extremely relevant issues of modern ophthalmology and social medicine.


Published 59 research papers:

In particular, textbooks and educational monographs – 2
Printed papers and abstracts – 57

) foreign journals: – 9
b) in magazines  – 9
c) in Ukrainian journals – 22
d) collections of scientific works – 26

Made reports to congresses, conferences, symposia: – 24

a) International – 5
b) Ukrainian – 19

Inventive Activities of the Department:
List of patents


  • Method of diagnosis reference signs psevdoeksfoliatyvnoho syndrome in ophthalmic patients. DG Zhaboyedov Patent №87196. – Bull. №2. – 01.27.2014.
  • Method of intrascleral fixation of intraocular lens SL-907 Centrix DZ. DG Zhaboyedov Patent №92852. – Bull. №17. – 09.10.2014.
  • The method of fixing seam intraocular lens to the iris. DG Zhaboyedov Patent №92853. – Bull. №17. – 09.10.2014.
  • Method for the treatment of organ damage in patients operated on tumors Bridges – cerebellar angle in the postoperative period. Konah V. The patent for utility model number 88873. – Bull. №7. -10.04.2014.
  • The method of fixing the intraocular lens SL-907 Centrix DZ box kapsuloreksysu kryshtalykovoyi bags.DG Zhaboyedov Patent number 86447. – Bull. № 24. -25.12.2013. A method of treating patients with vascular pathology visual analyzer. Ryzhova IP, Shcheglov VI The patent for utility model №84835. – 21 byul.№ 12/11/2013


At the department there is a training of PhD students: assistant Komarova T.M. and Chmil G.O. have started their training in 2019.