Trade union

Primary staff union organization on the voluntary basis and at the place of employment unites employees O.O. Bohomolets National Medical University on the purpose of consolidation efforts to protect social and economic rights and interests.

The legal basis of staff unions’ practice are the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine “On staff unions, their rights and guarantees of the activity”, the Law of Ukraine “On public associations “, the Labor Code of Ukraine, Statutes of staff union of the employees of health protection of Ukraine, other legislative laws and ongoing and international contracts, ratified by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and which are the part of the national legislation of Ukraine.

Sraff union is independent of government bodies, local government, employer, political and other social organizations.
Staff union operates on such democratic principles:

  • legitimacy;
  • joining and withdrawal from staff union on voluntary basis;
  • independence of staff union, its elective bodies during fulfillment of its statuary goals and tasks;
  • electiveness of all staff union’s bodies in bottom-up direction, theirs subordination and regular reporting to union members;
  • publicity in the operation of all organizational units of the staff union and its elective bodies;
  • collective character of decision making and personal responsibility for their implementation.
  • Respect for view and safeguards the interests of minority, rights of each member of staff union to be defended, clarify their position;
  • Solidarity and unity of staff union’s actions during implementation statutory goals and objectives.

The main goal of staff union’s operation is the protection and representation of employment, social and economic rights and interests of union members in relations with the employer to ensure exercising the right of each member of staff union to work, raising standards of living on the basis of fair wages, ensuring other rights and interests.

For implementation its statutory goals the staff union organization:

  • Tries to exercise right of each member of staff union to work, its fair reward , raising standards of living, protect needy;
  • negotiates, concludes a collective agreement, seeking its implementation;
  • according to the law provides public control over observance of labor legislation, rules and regulations on labor protection;
  • to achieve the statutory goals in accordance with the legislation it manages the staff union’s budget, performs economic activity.