Ukrainian Doctor’s Oath

Approved by
the Decree from President of Ukraine
dd. 15, June, 1992, No 349

Having acquiring the professions of doctor, and
realizing the importance of duties, imposed to me,
being in the presence of my teachers and
colleagues, I solemnly swear:

To devote all knowledge, efforts and skills to
protect and improve human health, to treat and
prevent from diseases, to render medical care to
anyone, who needs it;

Inevitably to follow to the principles of
common to mankind morals in my
actions and thoughts; be unselfish and
considerate to patients, to acknowledge
my mistakes, worthily to continue the
noble traditions of modern medicine.

To keep the medical secret, not to use it
to make a harm to human;

To follow to the rules of professional
ethics, not to hide the truth unless it
makes any harm to any patient;

Constantly to deepen and improve my knowledge
and skills, if necessary to appeal to the help of
colleagues and not to refuse them in it, to be fair to

On my own example to assist bringing up
physically and morally healthy generation, to
consolidate the high ideals of mercy, love,
harmony and mutual respect between people.

I swear to hold true to this Oath through all my life.