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The scientific practical conference with international participation, which is included into Register of conferences and congresses at MHC and NAMS of Ukraine, “Innovative approaches to diagnostics and treatment of modern infectious diseases”, devoted to 130th birthday of B.Ya. Padalka, was held on 21-22, March, 2013 in the large conference hall in National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. The conference was organized by department of infectious diseases in Bogomolets NMU and Ukrainian center for scientific medical information and patent licensing work. 250 participants doctors-infectiologists, doctors of family medicine, therapeutists, gastroenterologists, pediatricians, allergologists, etc. took part in the conference.

Professor O.A. Golubovska opened the conference with the report, devoted to the history for department of infectious diseases in Bogomolets NMU and contribution of professor B.Ya. Padalka both in development of national infectology and his contribution into development of department.

The reports by foreign colleagues, namely by professor Tarik Fsselah (France), devoted to approaches to treatment of HBeAg-negative chronic hepatitis B, attracted much attention. Chief extraordinary specialist in specialty “infectious diseases” in Belarus, professor Karpov I.O. presented some reports, namely about nosocomial infection, treatment of viral hepatitis B, reason for lethality at meningococcal infection.

The following employees at department of infectious diseases in Bogomolets NMU made the reports at the conference: head at department, Candidate of Medicine O.A. Golubovska, professor A.V. Shkurba, assistant professors I.A. Anastasiy, O.A. Gudzenko, M.Ch. Korchynskyy, N.V. Mytus, A.M. Pechinka, who presented the results from study of those problems in infectology, which are developed by department, for consideration of participants: viral hepatitis, herpes virus infections, intestinal infections, medicine of travels. The reports by other participants discussed the urgent issues on modern infectology, namely treatment of chronic hepatitis B and C and combination of those infections with tuberculosis and HIV-infection, issues on diagnostics, treatment and prevention of flu and ARVI and many others.

After finish of the first day they held the meetings for heads at departments in higher medical schools of Ukraine, which teach the academic discipline “Infectious diseases” under the chairmanship of professor O.A. Golubovska. The educational methodological issues on teaching academic discipline under modern conditions were discussed at the meeting.

After finish of the second day for conference they held the meeting for chief extraordinary infectiologists in regional state administrations of Ukraine under chairmanship of Chief extraordinary specialist in specialty “Infectious diseases” at MHC of Ukraine, professor O.A. Golubovska, where the issues on existence of specialty under conditions of modern medicine were discussed.

At the end of the work of conference the participants discussed and approved the draft for resolution of the conference.

The participants of the conference took an active part in its work – put the urgent questions to reporters, as well as participated in their discussion. All registered participants in scientific practical conference with international participation “Innovative approaches to diagnostics and treatment of modern infectious diseases” received the certificates.


Attention to students, doctors-interns, doctors-infectiologists and doctors of general practice! The department of infectious diseases in Bogomolets NMU published the textbook “Infectious diseases” under editorship of O.A. Golubovska. – K.: VSV “Medicine”, 2012.



II stage of all-Ukrainian students’ Olympiad in infectious disease was held on 2-5, April, 2013 in Ivano-Frankivsk national medical university. 22 students from 13 medical higher schools of Ukraine took part in the Olympiad. The competitions consisted of 4 rounds: answers for test questions, blitz-round on issues of general infectology, solution of situational task and curation of patient.

Due to results from competitions student in Bogomolets NMU Shamray Dmytro Viktorovych (5th course, 1st medical faculty) received the Diploma of the 1st degree for winner in II stage in all-Ukrainian students’ Olympiad in discipline “Infectious disease” and student Korzh Anastasiia Volodymyrivna received the Charter of honors for the best clinical answer in II stage of all-Ukrainian students’ Olympiad.

Our congratulations to winners!


The International scientific practical conference, devoted to World Health Day, took place on 4-5, April, 2013 in Bogomolets National medical university. Post-graduate students and senior laboratory assistants of department took an active part in the conference. Senior laboratory assistant I.S. Azarenko made the report at English speaking section on topic “The peculiarities of the HIV – encephalopathy course” and received the diploma “For the best scientific work”.