Department of Infectious Diseases

Public and educational activity

The head at department, Doctor of Medicine O.A. Golubovska is the chief extraordinary specialist at MHC of Ukraine in specialty “Infectious diseases”, member in specialized academic council D26.614.01 SE “L.V. Gromashevskyy Institute of epidemiology and infectious diseases at NAMS of Ukraine”, Deputy Chairman in republican task commission on specialty “Infectious and parasitic diseases”, member in Scientific expert council on issues of HIV-infection/AIDS and tuberculosis in State service of Ukraine on issues of contraction to HIV-infection/AIDS and other social dangerous diseases. Textbook “Infectious diseases”, which was approved by MHC and MESYS of Ukraine as a uniform basic textbook for academic discipline “Infectious diseases” in pre-graduate training of students in higher medical schools of III-IV accreditation levels, was published in 2012 under editorship of O.A. Golubovska. She is a co-author of textbook in English “HIV – INFECTION a tutorial for medical students” and collection of lectures “Study guide of the lecture of course infection disease”. Chief editor of journals “Modern infections” and “Clinical infectology and parasitology (international scientific practical journal)”.

The employees at department of infectious diseases take care for graves of the previous heads at department: professor Ziukov Anatoliy Matviyovych (1886-1953), professor Padalka Borys Yakovych (1883-1964) and professor Sokol Oleksandra Semenivna (1919-2001).