Department of Infectious Diseases

Medical consulting work

The medical traditions of department are closely intertwined with its history. Academician Feofil Gavrylovych, about whose mastery there were legends, was at the origin of department. The medical activity of professors M.M. Gubergryts, A.M. Ziukov, B.Ya. Padalka, G.I. Khomenko, V.A. Postovit, O.S. Sokol, Zh.I. Vozianova, assistant professors O.P. Matveyev, L.V. Nurenberg and other employees of department during those years was characterized by merited fame. The traditions of departments always were the free aid to sick persons; successive and persistent struggle for his/her life, constant aspiration to find the correction solution in diagnostic process. These traditions are continued by collective of department, clinic under modern conditions for existence of the whole health care system in the country and infectious service in particular. Thus, in 2009 during quarantine, related to prevalence of pandemic influenza strain H1N1, the employees of department rendered the great consulting aid to patients not only in clinical bases, allotted to department, but in therapeutic divisions in hospitals No 2, No 6, No 8 in c. Kyiv, where the provisional hospitals were opened. Besides, during that period the consulting aid was provided to divisions in maternity hospitals No 3 and No 4.

The medical diagnostic work at department in 2005-2011 was held in 2 clinical bases: CCH No 15 and CCH No 9, with which the agreements about cooperation were concluded since 2005. In 2012 CCH No 5 joined to those bases, since September 2012 the department has the agreements about cooperation with the latter one and Oleksandrivska clinical hospital in c. Kyiv. The persons, responsible for medical diagnostic work of department, are professor at department, Doctor of Medicine A.V. Shkurba. Head at department Doctor of Medicine O.A. Golubovska, professor at department A.V. Shkurba consult the patients in all clinical bases of department. Assistant professors at department consult and assistants treat patients in the corresponding units of clinical bases, where they are allocated according to the schedule.

The infectious diseases unit in CCH No 15 is the clinical base, at which there are the city hematological center and consulting center for infectious diseases. The infectious diseases unit for 70 beds on twenty-four-hour basis renders the urgent aid to patients with viral hepatitis of different etiology in all districts of the city. 791 patients were treated in the infectious diseases unit in 2011. City hematological center for 20 beds of daily stay in the base of infectious diseases unit in CCH No 15 is designed for diagnostics and treatment of patients with chronic viral hepatitis and compensated hepatic cirrhosis of viral etiology. 326 patients were hospitalized to the center for 2011, the ambulatory consultations were provided to 512 patients. The volume and character of medical aid to patients with chronic forms for viral hepatitis is being improved at present moment. The medical tactics at development of intrahepatic and extrahepatic cholestasis and mixed hepatitis in patients with viral hepatitis was cleared up. In CCH No 15 using ultrasound scanner “Voluson 730 Expert” that belongs to NMU the employees of department examined 26 313 units of USI in patients, who were treated in the division and were examined in the center of infectious diseases in c. Kyiv. The department and the employees of the division render the ambulatory consulting aid to residents of c. Kyiv and Ukraine in relation to different infectious pathology. 306 persons had been consulted. The person, responsible for medical diagnostic work at clinical base of CCH No 15, is assistant professor M.Ch. Korchynskyy.

The division of infectious anesthesiology and intensive therapy in CCH No 9 for 6 beds is designed for treatment of infectious patients, who require reanimation provision. 216 patients, among them one half was non-core ones, were treated for 2011. Such large number of non-core patients stipulates the necessity in early differential diagnostics that is achieved by high qualification of working employees and maximum intensive use of laboratory instrumental methodologies for examination. The clinic specified the volume, procedure for application of drugs and character for intensive therapy to patients with generalized forms for meningococcal disease, diphtheritic croup, fulminating form for viral hepatitis, meningitis with different etiology, acute intestinal infections with development of dehydration shock, infectious diseases, which course was complicated by development of infectious toxic shock. The detailed recommendations are set in numerous scientific articles and informative letters. 287 sessions for discrete plasmapheresis to infectious patients were held in 2011 on the base of this division due to prescription by employees at department using the apparatus for plasmapheresis Baxter A-200 that belongs to NMU. The person, responsible for consulting work in this division, is assistant professor I.A. Anastasiy.

The infectious diseases unit on the base of CCH No 9 for 85 beds is designed for treatment of patients with all nosologic units, except viral hepatitis and leptospirosis. 3376 patients were treated in the clinic for 2011. The clinic treats patients with infectious mononucleosis, “pediatric infections” in adults, flu and ARVI, etc. The person, responsible for medical diagnostics work in clinical base of CCH No 9 and in infectious diseases unit, is assistant professor I.A. Anastasiy.

Assistant professor A.M. Pechinka is responsible for medical diagnostic work in the new clinical base in CCH No 5, where he is also responsible for rendering the medical aid to students and employees in NMU.

2 infectious diseases units (1st infectious diseases unit is designed for 50 beds, head at department – T.I. Gaynutdynova, 2nd infectious diseases unit is designed for 32 beds, head at department – L.V. Minova) and the division of infectious anesthesiology and intensive therapy (designed for 6 beds, head at department – O.V. Kutsenko) are the clinical base of department in RCH. Assistant professor I.V. Shestakova is responsible for medical diagnostic work in clinical base in Oleksandrivska clinical hospital in c. Kyiv.

Head at department of infectious diseases Doctor of Medicine O.A. Golubovska performs the significant diagnostic medical work in medical establishments of Ukraine and Kyiv, since 2011 she is the Chief extraordinary specialist at MHC of Ukraine in specialty “Infectious diseases”, consultant at Chief polyclinic of MU of MIA of Ukraine, Clinical hospital “Feofaniia” in State management of affairs, hospital for scientists at NAS of Ukraine.

For 2011 the employees of department consulted about 3000 patients, treated more than 400 patients. During this period the employees of department gave 19 interviews in the press, 12 speeches in television and radio in relation to diagnostics, medical consulting work. 4 expert opinions in relation to suggested methods for treatment of infectious patients were drawn up, 1 patent for useful model in medicine is issued. The employees at department in 2011 took part in the work of 8 working groups at MHC of Ukraine, CAHC in c. Kyiv and other medical establishments in the state.