Department of Infectious Diseases

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O.A. Golubovska head at department of infectious diseases in NMU, Doctor of Medicine, chief extraordinary specialist at MHC of Ukraine in specialty “Infectious diseases”.

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Collective at department of infectious diseases, 2012, 1st row (from left to right) assistant O.O. Podoliuk, assistant professor O.A. Gudzenko, assistant professor Shestakova I.V., head at department O.A. Golubovska, assistant professor M.Ch. Korchynskyy, assistant N.I. Zoloyeva; 2nd row (from left to right) assistant A.I. Gley, post-graduate student Kh.O. Proniuk, assistant professor I.A. Anastasiy, post-graduate student O.V. Kulesh, assistant L.A. Klymanska. Professor A.V. Shkurba, post-graduate student l.O. Kondratiuk, assistant K.I. Chepilko, assistant professor A.M. Pechinka, assistant professor L.A. Garnytska, senior laboratory assistant M.M. Sukach, assistant professor N.V. Mytus, post-graduate student O.V. Bezrodna, assistant A.S. Skytsiuk

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Head at department, Doctor of Medicine, O.A. Golubovska reads the lecture to students.

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Head at department, Doctor of Medicine, O.A. Golubovska as a member in jury at students’ Olympiad in c. Ivano-Frankivsk.

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Head at department, Doctor of Medicine, O.A. Golubovska with post-graduate students (from left to right) O.V. Bezrodna, O.V. Kulesh, Kh.O. Proniuk, L.O.

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Professor at department A.V. Shkurba is working

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Assistant professor Shestakova I.V. performs the practical class with students.

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Assistant professor O.A. Gudzenko examines the patient in division of infectious anesthesiology and intensive therapy.

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Assistant K.I. Chepilko discusses the clinical case with senior laboratory assistants-interns I.S. Azarenko and M.M. Sukach.

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Assistant professor I.A. Anastasiy performs the clinical discussion of patient with members in the club.

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Post-graduate students Kh.O. Proniuk and O.V. Kulesh perform USI of diagnostic patient.

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Head at department, Doctor of Medicine O.A. Golubovska is reading the report at conference.

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Head at department O.A. Golubovska during the round in division of infectious anesthesiology and intensive therapy. Head at division O.Ye. Artyomov is examining the patient.

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Assistant A.S. Skytsiuk performs EEG to diagnostic patient.

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Assistant professor L.A. Garnytska performs the classes with students at ATF

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Responsible secretary of journals “Modern infections” and “Clinical infectology and parasitology (international scientific practical journal) assistant O.O. Podoliuk is working on edition of next issue of journal.

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Head teacher N.V. Mytus performs the practical class with foreign students.

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Assistant professor A.M. Pechinka performs the practical class with students.

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Assistant professor M.Ch Korchynskyy performs the practical class with students near the bed of patient.