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  • Specialties in which undergraduate and postgraduate study is carried out:

Pediatrics (interns)

Neonatology (interns)

Pediatrics, neonatology, allergology, gastroenterology (students of the Institute of Postgraduate Education) – cycles of thematic improvement, internship, specialization

Nursing Care (2nd year)

Pediatrics in Pediatrics (3rd year)



Department news: 2018-2020.


The department has prepared 2 educational films: “Emergency assistance in stopping circulation and breathing in children” (basic course).

In 2019 for the first time in Ukraine the department prepared and implemented a new cycle of thematic improvement differentially for different specialists – doctors of allergists, pediatricians, GPs – family medicine, other specialists of “Fundamentals of molecular allergy diagnostics”.

For the first time in Ukraine the department has prepared and implemented new cycles of thematic improvement “Selected issues of allergy with the basics of molecular allergy diagnostics”, “Selected issues of pediatrics with basics of molecular allergy diagnostics”.

Professor Marushko Yu.V., Associate Professor Moskovenko O.D. presented a poster presentation at the International Symposium on Molecular Allergology, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, November 28-30, 2019. – «CLINICAL CASE OF SENSITIZATION TO HOUSE DUST MITES, ACCOMPANIED MULTIPLE CROSS-SENSITIZATION TO PANALLERGEN TROPOMYOSIN BASED ON THE MULTIPLEX ALLERGY»