Department of Pediatrics Of postgraduate education

Medical and advisory work


Responsible for the medical and advisory work of the department’s are Professor Marushko Yu. V. and Associate Professor Boyko N.S.


  • The main clinical bases where interns are trained and medical consultative work is carried out by the department staff are as follows:
  1. Children’s Clinical Hospital №8 (18 Iliyenko Str., Kyiv)
  2. Children’s Clinical Hospital №5 (53 Vernadskyi Blvd., Kyiv)
  3. «Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology named after Academician OM Lukyanov NAMS of Ukraine ”(34, Mayborody str., Kyiv)
  4. Center for Primary Health Care № 1 of Svyatoshinsky District of Kyiv (5/7 Chornobylska Str., Kyiv)
  5. Branch of the CPH (Center for Primary Health Care № 2 of Shevchenkivskyi District of Kyiv (11-b, Belorusska str., Kyiv))
  6. Brovary City Center for Primary Medical Social Assistance (Brovary)
  7. FxMed. Clinic of family and functional medicine. Allergic Center (15 V.Khmelnitskogo, Kyiv)


With the above mentioned medical institutions, the department has agreements on joint work on providing medical assistance to the population, creative scientific cooperation and educational and methodical work on preparation, retraining and advanced training of medical specialists, and concluded an agreement on cooperation.


Medical-advisory work is carried out by all employees of the department, among them three professors (PhD), four associate professors and assistants of the department (PhD) who have the highest medical category in the specialty “pediatrics”.


Basic clinical bases.



Клінічна база кафедри, дитяча клінічна лікарня №8, вул. Мельнікова,18

The hospital is designed for 100 beds, has three pediatric wards, children from 1 month to 17 years old with various somatic pathology receive medical help. Thanks to modern equipment, the department’s employees have the opportunity to diagnose the pathology of the digestive canal in children in a timely manner. The Siemens G50 ultrasound machine (purchased by the OO Bogomolets NMU) works an assistant Asonov А.


The consultative work in DCL 8 is carried out by a professor Borysenko M. I., Associate Professors Shef G.G., Tarynska O.L., Moskovenko O. D., Chabanovych O.V, Asonov.А..


CHILDREN’S CLINICAL HOSPITAL №5 (53 Vernadskogo Blvd., Kyiv)


Клінічна база кафедри, дитяча клінічна лікарня №5, вул. Вернадського, 53


The capacity of the hospital is 80 beds, including 30 for the treatment of children under 3 years, 35 patients of the older age category and 15 children with otolaryngology pathology.


The clinical base is equipped with diagnostic equipment, which allows to examine children with different types of dystonias, digestive canal pathology, trace elements, to determine exercise tolerance. The last direction of work is supervised by HyshchakT.V., attracts interns and doctors who have an interest in scientific observations.


On this basis the dissertation works are carried out by assistant Khomych O.V. and graduate  student Kostynska N.G.. The available Gastro + Air Monitor allows you to detect various types of lactase deficiency in a timely manner. This is a pressing issue and has great scientific potential. Professional assistance to the babies will be provided by the department’s consultant, associate professor Boyko N.S.,  and assistant Iovitsa T.V.



In the centers of primary health care consult (№ 1 Svyatoshinsky district, 5/7 Chornobylskaya St. and №2 Shevchenkivskyi district, 11-b Belorusska Street), Assistant Professor Tarynska O.L., assistants Chabanovych O.V and Iovitsa T.V..

According to recent years’ reports, the number of children consulted or treated is up to 50% of the total number of patients in these clinical facilities. Over the past 10 years, 7 textbooks, 66 manuals, 13 methodological recommendations have been prepared for practitioners. 12 industry innovations have been developed.