Department of Pediatrics №4

Students’ Scientific Club


Student Scientific club has been actively functioning at the Department of Pediatrics №4 since the 70’s. The heads of the club were Associate Professor KulikN.Ya., Associate Professor Dadakina M.A., Professor Khaytovich M.V., Professor Mityuryaeva-Korniyko I.O.


Classes include the individual work of each class member under the guidance of the department teacher and team meetings dedicated to the specific skills that the scientist should acquire (methodology for writing an analytical review of literature, planning for research, writing abstracts, articles and articles). At the meeting, students can listen to scientific reports of teachers and their colleagues, to present their work. To improve the educational and cognitive activity. different innovative technologies that activate the educational process are introduced for this purpose. Some meetings of the group are conducted using method of situational analysis and game design.

Active participants of the group are students of 2-6 courses. Total number of circles is 30-34, depending on the school year. Members of the club actively participate in Ukrainian and foreign conferences. In recent years their results  have been presented in Poland, Netherlands, Austria, and Portugal.

Students  Druzenko M.G. (co-authors – A.A.Vodianyk, E.A.Grechukha) – received 1st place at the A.O. Grant Conference in Bogomoletsnetional Medical University in 2016 presenting the work “Features of the influence of biofilm formation on the activity and chronicity of pyelonephritis in children and the possibility of correction”.

The Department of Pediatrics № 4 holds an annual scientific and practical conference with international participation “INTERDISCIPLINARY APPROACHES TO DIAGNOSTICS AND TREATMENT OF CHILD DISEASES”, which is included in the Register of Scientific Events of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Students of the club take an active part in conference.

You can find detailed information about the conferences at:


Since 2019, the scientific leader of the club – the candidate of medical sciences, Associate Professor Anna Gnyloskurenko

A student chief of the club – IlanaPalets (sudent of the Medical Faculty №4).

Meetings have place once a month (at 4 pm, Tolstogostreet, 10, lecture room of the Department of Pediatrics №4).


Since 2019, a section for foreign students is established.

The current plan of the sessions of the club can be found at:






Joint meeting of student scientific workshop of the department of Pediatrics №1 and Pediatrics №4