Department of Pediatrics №4

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At this Department are trained: students of Medical Faculty №3 (2-6 courses); Pediatrics also study students of Faculty for Training of Doctors for the Armed Forces of Ukraine (4-6 courses). 12-16 interns are trained each year at the department.

During 2nd course of study students learn the basics of caring for healthy and sick child, during 3rd course – Propaedeutic Pediatrics (anatomical and physiological characteristics of childhood, evaluation of physical and psychomotor development, methods of research of children’s systems and organs, feeding children during the first 3 years of life, semiotics of major childhood diseases). During 4th year students learn Intermediate level Pediatrics, during the 5th – Hospital Pediatrics. Students of 6th year of study undergo Pre-Graduate Internship, while conducting follow-up of patients in out-patient and in-patient clinics.

In practical classes students are introduced to modern methods of functional diagnostics (EEG , computer miography and cardiointervalography , thermography, sonography, fibrogastroduodenoscopy etc).

Software of business game on “Reception of healthy child at polyclinic, evaluation of physical and psychomotor development” was installed at the Department.

A control over initial level of knowledge is carried out at the beginning of each year of study, and at each session is assessed the current level of knowledge and practical skills of every student. Quality of learned practical skills in methods of examination of child and rational feeding of infants is conducted by means of crediting control, exercised by head of the department, professors and assistant professors.

Content of lectures is constantly supplemented with new data, introducing new lectures on topical issues of modern pediatrics.

Individual consultations are held with underachieved students and students who have missed classes for valid reasons (after permission of the dean).