Department of Pediatrics №4

Social and educational work

The teaching staff of the department takes an active part in the public life of the university: open lectures, open days of the university, research events etc. The staff of the department are active participants in the project “Medical picnics”, which gathers most universities in Kyiv and is dedicated to the introduction of science into the lives of children of all ages and young people. Under the guidance of the department’s staff, several research works were defended by students who are members of the Little Academy of Sciences.

Teachers of the department carry out individual vocational guidance and consulting work with students. Students of the scientific group together with teachers carry out activities devoted to a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition. With support of the Department of Pediatrics № 4 an online course on Prometheus “4 Steps to Healthy Eating” has been created.

Every year the staff of the department holds a student Olympiad. In 2012/2013, the IV International Student Olympiad in Pediatrics was held on the basis of the Department of Pediatrics №4, which was attended by students from 12 institutes and universities of Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Kazakhstan.

Students are organized in the computer class for preparation for the licensing exams “Step-1”, “Step-2”, emergency master classes. Meetings of the Academic Council of the Medical Faculty № 3, the pre-defence Council and the Specialized Council in the specialty “Pediatrics” are held at the department.

Employees of the department participate as an expert in various public television programs.