Department of Pediatrics № 1

Training And Methodological Work

Responsible curator of educational work of the department:

Associated professor, PhD Levadna Ludmyla Olexandrivna0509838343, e-mail


Responsible curator of educational work of foreign students:

Associated professor, PhD Horobets Anastasiia Olexandrivna 0636237337, e-mail:


2023-2024 s.y.

Current and final control regulations

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Plan of classes 2 – 3 courses spring semester 2023_2024

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Work programs and syllabi of pediatrics


Ukrainian and foreign higher education applicants (language of study – English) are studying at the department.

Students study at the department begins from the 4th semester (spring semester of the 2nd year of study). On the 2nd year of study students are taught “Pediatric Patient Care”, on the 3rd year – “Propaedeutics of Pediatrics” and “Nursing Practice” and starting from the 4th year of study – “Pediatrics”. In addition, students have access to elective courses: “Fundamentals of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Pulmonology and Nephrology” (4th year), “Fundamentals of Neonatology” (5th year), “Emergency conditions in pediatrics” (6th year).

The department offers to participate in the activities of the student scientific club, where under the guidance of the supervisor, associate professor of the department, Stroy Olena Anatoliivna, students can deepen their knowledge of the discipline, exchange experience and have a good time.


Normative documents:

  1. Standard of higher education of the second (master’s) level, field of knowledge 22 Health care, specialty 222 Medicine. Approved and implemented by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 08.11.2021. No. 1197.