Department of Pediatrics № 1


Responsible person – PhD, Horobets A.O. Contact tel.: 0636237337. E-mail:

International cooperation of the department is represented by the following directions of work

  1. Participation of employees of the department in international conferences, congresses etc.:

In April 2018 the head of the department prof. Berezenko V.S. participated in the Congress “The international liver congress 2018”, which took a place in Paris, France. In July 2018 she participated in Symposium “XXV International Bile Acid Meeting: Bile Acids in Health and Disease 2018” in Dublin, Ireland.

PhD Minchenko D.O. made an oral report on two conferences organized by the Institute of Biology in Jinan (China) in October and November 2018. In June of the same year Minchenko D.O. made oral report on the Conference of young scientists in Seul (IUBMB Seoul, 2018, “Young Scientific Program”).

During her observational practice in Varshav (Poland) in June 2019 PhD Kozinkevich H.E. participated in the following conferences: “Acute neutropenia in children, differential diagnostics”, “VIII Congress of polish association of hepatologists”, “Clinical Conference: Wilson disease”, “Monitored morphine and its metabolites therapy and its effectiveness in pain syndrome”.

  1. Participation of the department employees in traineeship programs abroad

In April 2018 PhD Kozinkevich H.E. had 3 days observational traineeship in Poznan city (Poland) at the Pediatric Department of the Medical Martsinkovsky University in the clinics of gastroenterology and metabolic diseases.

In 2019 four employees of the department had a traineeship at leading clinics of London, Paris and Warsaw. Among them are the head of the department prof. Berezenko V.S. and assistant lecturer Reznikov Y.P., who were training in London’s King’s College Hospital, assistant professor Vankhanova T.O., who was training in Necker University Hospital in Paris, France and Kozinkevich H.E., whose traineeship took a place in the “Center of the child’s health” in Warsaw. Traineeship was carried out during 3 weeks. All participators have received unique practical experience of modern methods of diagnostics, treatment and follow up of pediatric patients with hepatobiliary, intestinal diseases and patients with neonatal problems.

  1. Participation in international (multicentral) researches

Since 2017 international two clinical trials are carrying out at one of the bases of pediatric department – in the Center of Pediatric Hepatology at the Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology. Both trials are guided by the Head of the department prof. Berezenko V.S. and senior co-worker of the Institute Dyba M.B. Thus, in close cooperation with Roche Holding (Bazel, France) the following trials are carrying out: «Phase IIIB, Randomized, Open-label study of pegylated interferon alfa-2A in combination with lamivudine or entecavir compared with untreated control patients in children with HBEag-positive chronic hepatitis B in the immune-tolerant phase, Protocol number NV25361» and «Opened investigation of phase IIIB of pegylated interferon alfa-2A (PEG-IFN, Ro 25-8310) in parallel groups in comparing with a control group, which does not receive treatment in children with HBeAg-positive chronic hepatitis B in immune active phase».

  1. Visits of foreign scientists, lectors and doctors to the department


In May 2019 the department participated in organization and carrying out of scientific-and-practical conference with international participation “Actual problems of pediatric hepatology”. PhD Anil Dhavan – the Professor from London’s King’s Hospital has made a report with the help of teleconference.

In September 2019 employees of the department in close cooperation with Ukrainian Cystic fibrosis Association and Ukrainian Association of patients with Bullous epidermiolysis organized International school-seminar “Nutritional problems in patients with severe somatic pathology”. Prof. Janush Benedykt Ksjozik from the Memorial Institute of child’s health (Warsaw, Poland)  had several reports on the meeting.


  1. Participation of students studying at the department and guided by the scientific workers of the department in international scientific events


In 2019 Podluk Yuliia, a student of IV year of study, participated in Scientific-and-practical conference with international participation “Interdisciplinary approaches to children’s diseases diagnostic and treatment” which took a place on the basis of pediatric department № 4 of the Bogomolets Bogomolets Medical University. Student’s practical work and report guided by Horobets A.O. Podluk Yu. won the main award.