Department of Pediatrics № 1

Medical and Advisory Work


Responsible person – PhD associate lecturer Kozinkevich H.E. Contact E-mail address: Contact tel.: 044-465-17-89.

E-mail address of the department:

Internet website of the department:

Pediatric department has several bases, on which professor-and-teaching collective of the department is permanently carrying out treatment and consulting work in the following directions: general pediatrics, allergic, immunologic, nephrologic, cardiologic, intestinal, hepatobiliary, nutritional and respiratory pathology.

Central base of the department is Clinical Hospital № 1 on the railway transport. It’s address is 8A M.Kotsubinsky str., Kyiv, 01030  tel.: (044) 465 17 89.

Other bases of the department are:

  • “Academic Lukianova Institute of pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”: 8 P.Maiborody str., Kyiv, tel.: (044) 489 0755.
  • Children’s clinical hospital № 4 of Kyiv’s Solomiansky district: Kyiv, 03680, Komarov prospect 3, corpus № 21.
  • Municipal nonprofit company “Center of primary medical and sanitary help №4”: 4 Vygurivskyi blvd., Kyiv, 04456 tel.: (044) 532 00 89.
  • Kyiv city childrens’ diagnostic center: 13 Urlivska 13 str., Kyiv

To carry out treatment and consulting work the department is equipped with modern diagnostic equipment. Employees of the department are highly qualified doctors and have doctor’s degrees on “Pediatrics”, specialization: (the highest degree – 15 workers, the first degree – 4 workers, the second degree – 4 workers and without any degree – 3 workers) and specializations on “Dietology” (2 workers), “Pediatric cardiology” (1 worker), “Pediatric allergology and immunology” (4 workers), “Ultrasound diagnostics” (4 workers), “Pediatric endocrinology” (1 worker), “Pediatric gastroenterology” (1 worker).

Every year department workers provide treatment and consulting aid to 4.5 – 5 thousand of children. Annually 10 – 15 inventions are implemented into the health care system. Among them are the following ones:


  • The program of rehabilitation of children with constitution anomalies, frequently sick with respiratory diseases children, children with non differentiated dysplasia of the connective tissue and those ones with atopic dermatitis;
  • Correction of metabolic disorders in exacerbating non diabetic ketonemia on the background of nervous-and-arthritic anomaly of constitution in children;
  • Method of immunity and metabolic disorders diagnostics and correction in children with non differentiated dysplasia of the connective system;
  • Methods of early diagnostics and improved correction of chronic gastroduodenal pathology in children;
  • Improvement of estimation of allergic sensitization spectrum in children with various allergic diseases by biochemyluminiscent diagnostics carrying out;
  • Method of cytological investigation of nasopharyngeal mucus in immune-compromised children with the aim of detection of allergic and infectious genesis of the respiratory tract affection;
  • Substantiated implementation of “Immunal” into treatment scheme of children who are frequently sick;
  • Algorithm of inspection and treatment of children with kidney and urinary system affection;
  • Prick-tests implementation into every day routine practice for effective diagnostic of allergic diseases in children;
  • Patch-tests implementation into every day routine practice for effective diagnostic of allergic diseases in children;


The department is regularly organizing scientific-and-practical conferences on the most actual pediatric problems (hepatology, allergology, gastroenterology). Employees of the department are actively engaged in providing medical aid by sanaviation.