Department of Pediatrics № 1

Scientific activities

Responsible person –  PhD, Associate Professor Vasiukova M.M. Contact tel.: 066 246 12 17.


Main directions of work:

  • 2013 – 2016: study of pathogenetic mechanisms of realization of infectious-and-respiratory, allergic and metabolic pathology in children taking into account genetic peculiarities and unfavorable environmental factors (smoking). Supervisors – prof. Tyazka O.V., prof. Pochinok T.V.
  • 2017 – 2019: predictors of formation, peculiarities of the course, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of allergic pathology in children. prof. Tyazka O.V., prof. Pochinok T.V.
  • 2020 – 2022: improvement of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of gastroduodenal diseases on the background of one of the concomitant pathological conditions – food hypersensitivity, acute diseases of upper respiratory pathways or vitamin D deficiency. Supervisor – PhD, doctor of medical science Berezenko V.S.


During reported period 5 dissertations for the degree of candidate of medical science on “Pediatrics” specialization were defended. One dissertation is planned.


Scientific work of the department is directed into study of the problem of children’s organism reactivity in physiological and pathological conditions. Cycle of investigations is devoted to estimation of immune system development in age aspect in children with different risk factors, respiratory, allergic and combined pathology. The following compounds of work were successfully completed or are still being studied at present:


  • Estimation of genetic predisposition of children to different diseases;
  • Worked out and implemented into medical every day practice rehabilitation schemes for children with constitutional anomalies aimed to prevent transformation of genetic predisposition into disease;
  • Substantiated and implemented into medical practice treatment and prophylactic schemes for children with often and/or prolonged diseases;
  • Problems of formation of non differentiated dysplasia of the connective tissue in children, diagnostics of immune and metabolic disorders and complex rehabilitation of children with this pre-nosological condition – still studying;
  • Improvement of diagnostics and treatment of children with chronic gastroduodenal pathology – still studying.


Books and text books that are edited by the department workers during reported period:


  1. Tyazhka O.V., Antoshkina A.M., Vasiukova M.M..,Kazakowa L.M. et others. Prinsiples of pediatric nursing. Techniques for medical procedures and manipulations. Study Guide.-AUS Medicine Publishing. K., 2016 (ISBN 978-617-505-468-0). Edited by professor O.V.Tyazhka.-143 pp.
  2. “Pediatria” text book. Edited by professor O.V.Tyazhka (4-th edition), 2016 (ISBN 978-966-382-588-5). – 1150 pp.
  3. “Pediatria” text book. Edited by professor O.V.Tyazhka – Vinnitsa, Nova Kniga, 2018 (ISBN 978-966-382-695-0). – 1152 pp.
  4. “Nelson’s pediatrics basis”. 8-th edition translation in two volumes. – Kyiv. – “Medicina”. – 2020.


Methodic recommendation edited during reported period:


“Substantiation of vitamin D administration for allergic diseases treatment in children”, – Tyazhka O.V., Berezenko V.S., Selska Z.V., – Kyiv, 2017.


During reported period 17 patents have been recieved by employees of the department.