Department of Pediatrics № 1

Scientific work

2013 – 2016. Studying of patogenetic mechanisms of realization of infectious and respiratory, allergic and metabolic pathology in children with taking into account genetic peculiarities of constitution and unfavorable environmental factors (smoking tobacco). Supervisors: prof. Tyazka O.V., prof. Pochynok T.V.

2017 – 2019. Predictors, peculiarities of clinical course, diagnostics, prevention and treatment of allergic pathology in children. Supervisors: prof. Tyazka O.V., prof. Pochynok T.V.

2020 – 2022. Improvement of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of gastroduodenal diseases accompanied one of the concomitant diseases – food hypersensitivity, acute diseases of upper respiratory tract or vitamin D deficiency in children. Supervisor: prof. Berezenko V.S.

2022 – 2023. Improvement of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of gastrointestinal diseases in children with comorbid pathology. Supervisor: prof. Berezenko V.S. Responsible executor: prof. Balatska N.I. Scientific research of the department has been directed into study of child’s organism reactivity in normal and pathological condition; a cycle of researches devoted to the study of peculiarities of immune system development in age dynamics in children with different risk factors with respiratory, allergic and combined pathology; improvement of pediatric chronic gastroduodenal pathology prevention and treatment has been implemented into everyday practice of the pediatric outpatient departments.

Novel direction of scientific work of the department is study of skeletal and muscular systems and nutritive status in patients with an orphan pathology.

2023 – 2024. Study of nutritive status peculiarities in children with an orphan pathology and its influence on the clinical course of the disease. Supervisor: prof. Berezenko V.S. Responsible executor: prof. Balatska N.I.

One postgraduate worker is studying at the department.


Publications 2015 – 2024

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Inventions -17

Methodical guidelines with a typographic stamp of Ukrmedpatentinform

Methodical guidelines. Substantiation of vitamin D implementation in treatment of allergic diseases in children. Tyazhka O.V., Berezenko V.S., Selska Z.V. Kyiv – 2017.