Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Neurology

Educational work

Educating students – a multifaceted process that covers all aspects of how to use the educational process (lectures, seminars and workshops, laboratory and other types and forms of practices), and the organization extracurricular work and leisure of students with the aim to form among students strong philosophical foundation , deep, comprehensive professional knowledge and motivation for their tireless acquisition.

It is known that in high school educational influence lecturer on student significantly reduced, but enhanced action commitment of young people who acquire specialty in conjunction with the initiative of the student reaches a high level of development of their cognitive abilities.

In its educational work department of neurology guided by certain principles, including the principle of education in labor. It is initiation in students a desire to replenish and accumulate knowledge through productive preparation for classes, extracurricular activities. Through the implementation of this principle in the education of students achieved their awareness of the importance of purposeful work to achieve the set goals.

During each practical study the lecturer focuses on deontological aspects of communication with neurological patients, the need for thoughtful and humane attitudes, psychological features of communication skills with patients. Formation of professional responsibility for a patient, understanding its importance as a survey and subsequent appointment of adequate treatment are also part of the educational work.

Integrative principle of education, which along with other used at the department aimed at cooperation and unity educational demands of family and community. Guided by this principle, students participate in volunteer projects, recreational and educational events (29/10/2016 – action on the occasion of World Day of Stroke and the 175th anniversary of the National Medical University), including those held meetings with prominent people qualified experts in different sectors.

Educational work with students provides a comprehensive implementation of the mission of the department of neurology and the Bogomolets National Medical University in general, not only as an educational and research center, but also as a social institution education of youth, designed to make training:

– highly professional, socially mature person who has a high level of civic and social activity;

– personality, capable of effective adaptation and life in conditions of dynamically changing society;

– personality, initiative, active, able to find an effective balance between individual, group, corporate and public interests.