Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Neurology

Scientific work


Responsible person:


O.A. Myalovyts’ka  (study of multiple sclerosis)






Kyiv city clinical hospital №3

Kyiv, Zaporozhets str., 26








K.V.Antonenko (study of cerebrovascular disorders)




Oleksandrivska City Clinical hospital

Kyiv, Mechnikova Str., 39/1, building 10., 8 floor








Main directions of work

To investigate clinical-paraclinical and pathogenetic comparisons in patients with acute disorders of cerebral circulation; optimize the treatment and prevention of relapse.

To study epidemiological, clinical and pathogenetic, neuropsychological features in patients with multiple sclerosis and develop methods of correction for cognitive and psycho-emotional disorders

  • Grant activity

L.V.Panteleenko.,  Associate professor Grand for «Salzburg Weill Cornell Seminar in Neurology» Salzburg, Austria 3-9 March 2019


K.V. Antonenko,  Associate professor Grand for WSO Young Stroke Brief Clinical Exchange Program Italy, 8-25 June 2019



The scientific and research work is an important part of the NMU departments activity. A peculiar feature of the department scientific interests is determined by its specific orientation (profile), which provides teaching of all the aspects and sections of common neurology. Within the department it is conducted scientific and research works on “Study of clinical progression peculiarities, functional recovery in patients with a stroke depending on the therapeutic treatment courses, as well as the development and introduction of modern methods of the treatment and secondary prevention” and “Study of clinical progression peculiarities and life quality of the patients with demyelinating diseases of a nervous system and the development of new approaches of their treatment”.

The results of studies were implemented in the development of numerous scientific developments and patent:

  • Distributed and adapted for widespread use in neurological practice of scale evaluation of a neurologic impairment in stroke.
  • Made significant contribution to the study and distribution of national angioneurology an understanding of the subtypes of stroke and TIA, as well as hemorrhagic transformation of infarcts.
  • Developed a CHADS2 after ТІА depending on its pathogenesis
  • The study of pathogenetic role of stress hyperglycemia in ischemic stroke and its impact on the consequences of the stroke.
  • Pathogenetically grounded the necessity of reduction of the local after-ischemic inflammation and the proposed methods of its correction.
  • Generalized and expanded pathophysiological mechanisms of dysphagia in stroke and developed a method of diagnosis and assessment of its severity

Grounded and proposed the effective treatment for multiple sclerosis according to the duration, extent and duration of disability stage of the disease and improving the quality of patient’s life.




The department staff is actively engaged in scientific researches, confirmed by a great number of defended dissertations for the degree of doctor or candidate of medical sciences. As a result, only for the past 10 years at the department there were defended:

Doctoral dissertations

  • Myalvyts’ka Olena Anatoliivna. “Clinical and neuropsychological, magnetic-resonance and tomographic characteristics of a multiple sclerosis and its system of diagnosis and treatment.” 2005
  • Cheren’ko Tetyana Makarivna. “Clinical and pathogenetic correction substantiation of inflammatory reactions in patients with ischemic stroke”. 2008

Candidate’s dissertations:

  • Dovbonos Tetyana Ivanivna. “Hemorrhagic transformation of brain infarction: clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment”. 2003
  • Kopchak Oksana Olegivna. “The mechanisms of contraction of a disease and tiredness of patients with a multiple sclerosis, its diagnostic and treatment methods”. 2005
  • Kruglyak Ganna Oleksandrivna. “The progress and treatment of a multiple sclerosis (encephalomyelitis) in patients with persistent herpes virus infection”. 2006
  • Mel’nyk Volodymyr Stepanovych. “Clinical implications and prognostic value of a stressful hyperglycosemia after an acute ischemic stroke in diabetics and without this disease”. 2007
  • Panteleenko L.V. “Peculiarities of a clinical progression and life quality of the patients with ischemic stroke in the acute and early restorative period depending on the different methods of treatment”. 2010
  • Lobanova I.S. “Clinical and neurological, immunological and magnetic, resonance and tomographic characteristics of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis and its treatment”. 2011
  • Volosovets’ A.O. “Neurogenic oropharyngeal dysphagia in acute stroke: mechanisms of origin, methods of diagnosis and treatment of patients”. 2011.
  • Fartushna O.E. “Pathogenetic subtypes of transient ischemic attacks: peculiarities of a neurological clinic treatment”. 2012.

Publishing is an important element of the scientific work at the department.

For the last 10 years by the department staff published:

Scientific articles – 268

Theses – 367

Received patents – 46

Monographs – 7

Since 2006 at the department it is published Ukrainian neurological journal, the chief editor of which is the department head, doctor of medical science, professor Larysa Ivanivna Sokolova.

Professor Larysa Ivanivna Sokolova


The department staff actively participates in international conferences and projects demonstrating the results of their researches, acquainting with odern global trends in neurology and sharing the experience with foreign colleagues.