Department of Pharmacology

Student scientific club


General information:

Head of the department: Professor Zaychenko Ganna Volodymyrivna – 067 750 57 96

Head of the club: Assistant Horbach Anna Oleksandrivna – 063 862 69 01

President of the club: student of the 3rd year of the Medical Faculty №1, Kovaleva Alina – 096 028 38 62

Address: 34 Beresteiskyi avenue, physico-chemical building of the Bogomolets National Medical University, Department of Pharmacology.

History of the club (date of establishment) and notable club members:

  • The origins of the Department of Pharmacology date back to 1841, when the Department of “Medical Pharmacognosy with Prescription” was one of the first ten departments established at St. Vladimir University. Among the department heads were such outstanding scientists as M.I. Kozlov, O.P. Walter, V.I. Dybkovsky, Yu.P. Laudenbach, G.L. Shkavera, O.I. Cherkes, I.S. Chekman.
  • Active participation in scientific work is taken by students, members of the scientific student club. Scientific research by students is one way to organize the educational process in higher education institutions.
  • The Scientific Student Club (SSC) of the Department of Pharmacology has been actively functioning since 1945, although individual studies were conducted by students on the basis of the department under the guidance of its scientists even before that time.
  • In recent years, the scientific level of student research papers has significantly increased at our Bogomolets National Medical University, and their topics have become more relevant and specific. For a modern doctor, the ability to think creatively about each complex clinical case is necessary. Student scientific clubs help to educate competent doctors for practical healthcare, as well as to select and train personnel for the departments of medical universities and research institutes from among the most gifted and hardworking students.
  • Students prepare meaningful presentations based on modern views on the use of drugs. To do this, it is necessary to identify the students’ interest, offer them topics for future research and help to select material, perform practical work.
  • Work in the scientific club became the first stage in the activities of many outstanding scientists and excellent specialists. In his student years, a member of the corresponding member of the NAS and AMS of Ukraine, Professor Trynus F.P., who was the director of the specialized Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology for many years, was an active member of the Department of Pharmacology, and Professor Chebotareva V.D. was the dean of the pediatric faculty for many years. Many graduates of the department defended doctoral and candidate dissertations and work fruitfully at the department (Gorchakova N.O., Babak V.V., Bondur V.V., Dyachenko V.Yu., Klymenko O.V., Savchenko N.V., Shumeyko O.V., Doroshenko A.I.), as well as in research institutes (Duhak V.G., Viktorov O.P., Shatilo V.B., Bulda V.I., Svishchenko E.P., Mankivskyi B.M., Burchynskyi S.P., Kushch V.M.).

The club’s work is focused on:

  • Improving the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of students.
  • Familiarizing students with new pharmacological research and innovations among medicinal products.
  • Organizing research in the department’s laboratory and familiarizing students with its equipment.
  • Unlocking the scientific potential of students and preparing research papers.
  • Developing scientific thinking and analytical abilities in club members.

Regular meetings of the student scientific club take place at the Department of Pharmacology of the Bogomolets National Medical University. Any interested student can prepare a presentation on the theme of the meeting with the help of department teachers.

Collaboration with other clubs:

  • With the SSC of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Institute of Postgraduate Education.
  • With the SSC of the Department of Oncology.
  • With the SSC of the Department of Microbiology.
  • With the SSC of Sexology and Andrology.
  • With the SSC of the Department of Biochemistry.
  • With the SSC of Clinical Immunology and Allergology with a section on medical genetics.
  • With the SSC of the Department of Ophthalmology.
  • With the SSC of the Department of Pediatrics.
  • With the SSC of the Department of Neurosurgery.

Meeting schedule for the 2023-2024 academic year:

  1. “To Treat or Rejuvenate. What Can Botulinum Toxin Medications Do? Present and Future” 03.10.2023
  2. Interdisciplinary meeting of the Department of Pharmacology and the Department of Ophthalmology of the NMU: “Dry Eye Syndrome. From Diagnosis to Pharmacological Correction” 23.11.2023
  3. Interdisciplinary meeting of the Department of Pharmacology and the Department of Neurosurgery: “Pharmacological Support for Neurosurgical Interventions” 18.12.2023
  4. Interdisciplinary meeting of the Department of Pharmacology and the Department of Pediatrics: “Modern Treatment of Cough in Children. Pediatricians’ and Pharmacologists’ View on the Problem” January 2024
  5. Joint meeting with the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology: “Contraceptives: When Are Multiple Effects Better Than One?” February 2024
  6. “Antiviral Drugs: New Trends and Perspectives” March 2024
  7. Interdisciplinary meeting of the Department of Pharmacology and the Department of Allergology and Immunology, and the Department of Pathophysiology of NMU: “Antiallergic Drugs. What’s New for Doctors and Pharmacists” April 2024

Meeting dates are approximate and subject to change. For detailed information, visit the Facebook page of the department at or contact the club captain.