Department of Pharmacology

International cooperation


Responsible person: Khodakivska Olga Vitaliivna – Assistant professor, PhD


In accordance with the provisions of the Law of Ukraine “On Higher Education” in Chapter “International Cooperation”, the Department of Pharmacology has identified the crucial aspects of enhancing the higher education internationalization and modernization. According to the latter, some fundamental tasks have been set. The most significant of them are as follows: to implement the international dimension into learning, teaching and training; to adapt the world’s leading universities experience to the work of the academic staff of the Department of Pharmacology. Among other tasks, there is also scientific ties transformation aimed at designing global thinking, tolerance, intercultural communication skills and boosting scientific ties with the relevant departments of foreign medical institutions; participation in international scientific events in order to present own results of the research, popularization of the achievements of the national scientific school of pharmacology. International cooperation of the research and teaching staff of the Department of Pharmacology is being carried out in accordance with the strategy of internationalization and academic mobility.

In the framework of academic mobility, the staff of the Department has done international language and science and research internships recently:

  • Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Zaychenko Ganna Volodymyrivna, Great Britain, Cambridge, internship at the “Cambridge Academy of English” 07.07.2019 – 03.08.2019, boosting the level of communicative competence in English;
  • Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Zaychenko Ganna Volodymyrivna “Pedagogy in Medicine”, Poland, Czestochowa, 05.04.19 – 05.07.19
  • Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacology Dovhan Roman Stepanovych, the Czech Republic, Brno, Mendel University, Pharmacology (arterial hypertension), 29.04.19 – 03.05.19;
  • Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacology Klymenko Olena Volodymyrivna, Poland, Warsaw, “Academic Integrity” Wyższe Seminarium Duchowne Stowarzyszenia Apostolstwa Katolickiego, Higher Theological Seminary in Warsaw UKSW together with the Polish-Ukrainian Foundation “Institute of International Academic and Scientific Cooperation” 9 – 21.09 2019;
  • Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacology Olha Khodakivska, Poland, Rzeszów, internship within the Education Program for Physicians and Medical Personnel provided by the Institute of International Academic and Scientific Cooperation (IIASC) (108 hours), 08.07.2018-12.07.2018.

The lecturers of the Department of Pharmacology possess the English language certificates (level B2) as well as the certificates of participation in international conferences.

International cooperation in the field of higher education, science and culture is also provided by the staff membership in international professional associations. So, the Head of the Department, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Zaychenko Ganna is a member of the International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology.

In addition, thanks to the participation of the academic staff in international scientific and practical conferences held in Ukraine and abroad, international cooperation is constantly enhancing. Every year educators attend traditional international scientific and practical conferences, as well as worldwide acknowledged international congresses.

Head of the Department of Pharmacology, Doctor of Medicine, Professor Zaychenko Ganna has taken part in the following international scientific events over the last few years:


Since 2017 a new way of international cooperation with medical universities from the CIS countries and Europe via visiting programs has been launched. For instance, Professor Zaychenko G.V. was invited to Kazakh National Medical University to deliver lectures and run workshops in 2018 and 2019. The next meeting with colleagues is scheduled for October 2020.


Innovative technologies implementation into teaching and training practice; exchange of experience; conceptualization of current scientific ideas and directions in modern pharmacology, teaching theory and methodology; scientific articles, abstracts and collections of research papers as well as scientific Scopus cited publications by the academic staff of the Department and participation of them in international and national scientific and practical conferences are considered to be the crucial outcomes of international cooperation.


The prospects of international cooperation are associated with further intensification of scientific ties with the international scientific community by arranging and conducting scientific research within grant programs and joint scientific and practical events.