Department of Pharmacology

Educational activities


Educational work at the Department of Pharmacology is an integral part of academic and scientific work and includes strengthing friendly and collegial relations between teachers and students, mentors and graduate students. The main goal is to create a student-centered environment for exchanging views on the peculiarities of the profession of doctor / pharmacist, academic integrity and to form a healthy lifestyle, highly-cultured and moral character of a health-care professional, a true patriot, with awareness of intercultural tolerance, ethics, charity and deep respect for Alma mater.


In modern conditions, educational work has acquired new forms of conducting, taking into account the peculiarities of the modern generation of millennial students.


During the educational process, special attention is paid to the issues of reproductive health, prevention of drug addiction, substance abuse, smoking, and sexually transmitted diseases. During the study of relevant topics, attention is drawn to these aspects, debates and discussions of these issues are held with students. Also, these issues are covered at quarterly lectures, meetings of the student scienсe club, on the eve of the holidays (New Year, May holidays).


In recent years, the level of student research papers in the science club has significantly increased, and their topics have become more relevant and specific. Student research groups help educate doctors / pharmacists for practical health care, as well as select and train staff for medical departments and research institutes from among the most gifted and determined students.