Responsible for scientific work

Candidate of medical sciences, Associate professor of the department



Mykola Anatoliyovych



Clinical base Dental medical center of NMU named after O. O. Bogomolets (Zoologichna str., 1).


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Associate professor Omelchuk M. A. holds an examination of orthodontic patient


Department of orthodontics and prosthodontics propaedeutics is known not only throughout the country, but also beyond its borders. Many years of experience are combined here with modern knowledge and inventions that are constantly introduced into medical practice. Scientific achievements since the beginning of the foundation of the department are still used and do not lose their relevance even today, undergoing minor modernizations.


Research object: diagnosis and treatment impacted teeth and open bite in different bite periods; patients with impacted teeth in different aged periods of formation maxillofacial apparatus.

Research subject: clinical and molecular mechanisms bone remodeling; methods of complex treatment of RD; development methods treatment different forms of mesial and open bite and evaluation their efficiency; correlation dental series, characteristics of clinical X-ray forms.

Methods research: clinical and X-ray characteristics of RH in variable and constant periods of bite; the state of NF-kV-signaling as a trigger factor in bone apoptosis of tissues in the zone of impacted teeth; study of the signaling pathway RANKL/RANK/OPG.


Only during the current SRW, 8 patents for a useful model were obtained:

  1. Patent 146224 for utility model A61C7/00 «Device for prevention bite deformations in children with macroglossia», Application 21.12.20; Publ. 28.01.21; Publication of information 27.01.21, Bull. No.4. Melnyk A.O., Yakovenko L.M., Filonenko V.V., Bidenko N.V.
  2. Patent for a utility model Apparatus for the treatment of distal bite Patent of Ukraine No. 148670 dated 01.09.2021 Flis P.S., Ivanova K.V.
  3. “Measurement method transversal sizes upper jaw and upper respiratory ways in the period variable bite” No. 105449 Flis P.S., Vyshemirska T.A., Dakhno L.O., Burlakov P.O. June 11, 2021.
  4. «The method definition transversal defect and fragment sizes upper jaws in children with it cleft» No. 104515 Filonenko V.V., Melnyk A.O., Shafeta O.B., Yakovenko L.M. May 12, 2021.
  1. «The method definition sagittal sizes fragments upper jaws in children with it cleft» No. 104513 Filonenko V.V., Melnyk A.O., Shafeta O.B., Yakovenko L.M. May 12, 2021.
  1. «Differentiated index definition indicator individual hygiene of the oral cavity, adjusted taking into account different quality hygiene on the top and bottom tooth rows (DIOH)» No.102235 Bidenko N.V., Yakovenko L.M., Filonenko V.V. 01.02.2021
  1. Patent of Ukraine for utility model No. 149170 Ukraine, IPC A61 C 7/00. The apparatus for the treatment of crowding of teeth in an transition bite. Kaniura O.A., Skrypnyk I.L., Krymovskyi K.G., Brychko T.M. 21.10.2021
  1. Ukrainian utility model patent No. 141305 UA (51) IPC A61B 6/14, A61B 5/0488, A61B 8/13. Way of diagnostics musculo-articular dysfunction of temporomandibular joint. Kostiuk T. M. No. u 2020 00668; stated 02/04/2020; published 03/25/2020, Bul. No. 6.


According to the materials of work for 2020-2021 published: 24 articles (13 abroad), 34 theses, 12 articles in publications that are indexed scienсe databases Web of Science and Scopus, were obtained 6 patents of Ukraine and submitted 1 application for a useful model, made 4 reports at conferences, congresses, symposiums.

The results of the SRW are implemented in pedagogical and medical process at the department orthodontics and prosthodontics propaedeutics  National Medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets, in the department of prosthodontics Dental Medical Center of of the National Medical University named after O. O. Bogomolets, Ukrainian medical dental Academy, Institute dentistry of the Medical Academy of Ukraine, private medical clinics (Kyiv): ” Esteline”, “Medicom”, “SK Elite Plus”, “Amidental”, “AmiClinic”, ” Trishiro”, “Ortoline” and ” DiamantDent”.

Implementation developed system of treatment patients, methods diagnostics and treatment has social, medical and economic efficiency, which will manifest itself in the form of improvement results orthodontic treatment, improvement quality life patients, decrease costs for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.

During the years of existence department completed 4 doctoral (in particular, 2 in 2021 under the supervision of Prof. Kaniura O.A.) and 27 candidates dissertations are in progress: 2 doctoral and 8 candidate`s dissertation, published more than 2500 printed works and received about 250 patents and inventions, 42 innovations. Were published 30 textbooks (of which 9 in national and 6 in foreign languages) and study books.

In the department ‘s plans for the coming years, the publication new textbooks and study materials on various scientific directions in dentistry in Ukrainian and English.

Departments belongs to priority developments domestic photopolymer materials for facing dental prostheses, sealing teeth, fixation braces and retainers. Under her management developed and implemented in production and the first clinic in Ukraine ceramic mass “Ultropalin”, 4 alloys («Keradent», «Kerakrist», «Plastokrist», «Metost») for casting dental prostheses, vacuum casting units, refractory masses for duplicating jaw, diamond discs for clinical and laboratory use. At the department proposed new methods orthodontic and orthopedic treatment children and adults, modern technologies production orthodontic devices and prostheses.


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Doctoral theses

  1. Kostiuk Tetiana Mykhailivna

“Complex diagnosis, clinic, orthopedic treatment and prevention of musculoskeletal dysfunction of the temporomandibular joints”


  1. Kaniura Oleksandr Andriyovych 

“Optimization of the system of dental support for conscripts and the military reserve of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a special period”


  1. Flis Petro Semenovych

“Rational methods of manufacturing one-piece prostheses”


Candidate theses


  1. Tsyzh Albina Valeriivna

“Diagnosis and treatment of crossbite in different age periods of the formation of the maxillofacial apparatus”


  1. Vozniuk Vasyl Petrovych

“Diagnostics and orthopedic methods of treatment of defects of the crown part of teeth in children”


  1. Nataliia Ivanivna Zhachko

“Age-specific features of tooth rotation treatment”


  1. Leonenko Halyna Petrivna

“Treatment of shape abnormalities and color changes of detached teeth”


  1. Melnyk Alyona Oleksandrivna

“Clinical and phonetic features of dento-jaw deformities, their orthodontic treatment and correction of speech function”


  1. Mykola Anatoliyovych Omelchuk

“Development and substantiation of the use of new cobalt-chromium alloys “Keradent”, “Plastokryst” in orthopedic dentistry”


  1. Nataliya Volodymyrivna Rashchenko

“Stimulating therapy in the complex treatment of underdevelopment of the lower jaw”


  1. Skrypnyk Iryna Leonidivna

“Comparative assessment of fixation methods of various facing polymers on frameworks of one-piece fixed prostheses”


  1. Kateryna Valeriivna Storozhenko

“Improving the differential diagnosis of progenic bite forms and predicting orthodontic treatment in patients of various ages”


10.Valerii Volodymyrovych Filonenko

“Treatment of abnormalities in the position of detached teeth and bite with individual trainers”


11.Tsyzh Olga Oleksandrivna

“Improving modern methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of relapses in patients with open bite”


  1. Shpak Dina Yuriivna

“Features of treatment of gnathic forms of mesial bite in children in variable and permanent periods of bite”


  1. Liudmila Oleksandrivna Brodetska

“Multidisciplinary approach to the treatment of patients with retinal teeth”


14.Bobokal Anatolii Mykolayovych

“Clinical-experimental substantiation of the use of ceramic mass “Ultropalin” in fixed prosthetics”


15.Vyshemirska Tamara Aramivna

“Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of sagittal bite anomalies in children with nasal breathing disorders”


  1. Anna Vasylievna Novakovska

“Prevention of tooth enamel demineralization during orthodontic treatment with fixed orthodontic appliances”