Modern dentistry in Ukraine meets all international standards and divided into the following levels:

  • general dentistry – the provision of dental care of all areas, but not of all levels of complexity;
  • specialized dentistry – the provision of dental care of an increased level of complexity, which can only be carried out by a specialist of a certain specialization.

How to get a special education, is special education necessary in general, or would it be ideal for one doctor to perform all the manipulations?

Undoubtedly, a dentist must have knowledge of all areas of the profession and improve them during life. However, it is impossible to master absolutely all knowledge and skills. Therefore, as the complexity of the clinical case increases, the patient moves from a general dentist to a specialist doctor.

Who is a specialist? He is a doctor who obtained an additional level of education at a specialized department. Starting in 2019, specialization can be obtained at the Department of Orthodontics and Prosthodontics Propedeutics of NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets.

The Kyiv School of Orthodontics has been known since 1919 thanks to its founder Kostyantyn Prokopovich Tarasov. According to the order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine dated June 28, 1982, the Department of Orthodontics (for the second time) was separated into a separate department, headed by Professor Z. S. Vasylenko.

The department always had the most powerful teaching staff, whose intellectual achievements were referred to by all scientists of the country at that time. The department is continuously developing, implements the latest international standards into work. Now it is a powerful professional school in the field of “Orthodontics”. Teachers transfer their knowledge and skills to cadets who have chosen their future professional path in mastering the specialty “Orthodontics”.


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course leader

Skrypnyk I.L.


Organization of studies at the department

The cycle of specialization in “Orthodontics” begins in September and, since 2022, lasts 6 months.

There are 3 cycles of thematic improvement (TU) of orthodontists, lasting 2 weeks each, and a course of training in orthodontics, lasting 1 month, for each block of which 50 points are awarded.


Cycles of thematic improvement (TU)

  1. “Fundamentals of the mechanics of orthodontic treatment with multi-bonding equipment”, Kyiv, 78 hours.
  2. “Retention. Relapse and changes at the end of treatment”, Kyiv, 78 hours, June.
  3. “Cooperation of an orthodontist in a complex multidisciplinary approach to restoration of dental health”, December.


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  1. Curriculum and program of the specialization cycle in the specialty “Orthodontics”
  2. Curriculum and program of the internship cycle in the specialty “Orthodontics”


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