Medical activity




Responsible for medical work

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant of the department



Anatoly Mykolayovych



Clinical base: Dental Medical Center of NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets (Zoologichna St., 1 ).




Orthodontics department is located on the clinic base Dental medical center of NMU named after O.O. Bogomolets (Zoologichna str., 1).

Therapeutic and advisory work is carried out advanced modern orthodontic schools: Doctor of Medicine N. Kostiuk T.M., professor Flis PS, professor Kaniura O.A., 13 associate professors, 8 assistants of department and 12 doctors who used in their activities as their own scientific hard work, and successful experience foreign colleagues. Department orthodontics includes 10 medicinal offices for dental technology laboratory. In the dental office laboratories working on production various modern species orthodontic devices 3 dental technicians.



Medicinal activity department orthodontics and orthopedic propaedeutics dentistry is aimed at diagnosis, prevention and treatment orthodontic pathology and dental and maxillofacial anomalies and deformations among population. Dental help is provided civilian population and fighters Armed Forces of all corners of Ukraine. Annually coworkers of department and orthodontics department conduct more than 2500 consultations and treatments more than 1000 patients.



The main component in aspiration reduction quantity patients from maxillofacial anomalies and deformations are timely detection factors which contribute development pathologies. Therefore, apart from reception patients in SMC NMU, coworkers of department are held regularly preventive examinations and sanitary and educational work in organized collectives in children’s kindergartens and schools of Kyiv and Kyiv`s region.



Employees department participate in the development protocols and standards granting dental and orthodontic assistance in Ukraine. Teachers read lectures are held practical seminars for orthodontists at dental clinics exhibitions, in medical institutions of Kyiv and others bridge of Ukraine.

They are actively being implemented in practice scientific developments department (received more than 100 declarations patents for inventions in the field diagnostics and treatment maxillofacial anomalies and deformations, which introduced into the treatment process).





Material software

On the base Dental of the medical center of NMU is available modern medical and diagnostic equipment (computer x-ray machine Sirona (Sidexis), pantomograph, etc.), dental units – Chiradent, Sirona, Smile, which creates conditions for quality examination and treatment patients.

They are developed and implemented the latest methods treatment patients from maxillofacial anomalies and deformations from using digital opportunities today.

Organized modern digital dental laboratory that provides possibility apply advanced technological opportunities for accurate, highly personalized and efficient treatment orthodontic patients.


Digital laboratory equipped with: three 3D printers, laboratory scanner “Medit”, software modules support for visualization, diagnostics, digital modeling, three-dimensional printing dental constructions (software name).


Urgent search directions new and more effective methods treatment

 Actively implemented new methods of diagnosis and treatment maxillofacial anomalies and deformations that allow more effectively, in a shorter time and with less quantity complications give help orthodontic patients:


  1. Comprehensive diagnostics, clinic, treatment and prevention musculo-articular dysfunction temporomandibular joints, Kostyuk T. M.


  1. Features treatment gnathic forms variable and permanent mesial bite in mixed and permanent periods of occlusion, Shpak D. Yu.


  1. Improvements differential diagnostics progenic forms of bite and prediction orthodontic treatment in patients different of age, Storozhenko K. V.


  1. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention sagittal Bite anomalies in children with nasal breathing disorder, Vyshemyrska T.A.


  1. Improvements modern methods diagnostics, treatment and prevention relapses in patients with open bite, Tsyzh O.O.


  1. Multidisciplinary approach to treatment patients from with retined teeth, L.O. Brodetska


  1. Development new methods cephalometric of analysis, Burlakov P. O.


  1. Features orthodontic treatment patients with different types of facial skull growth in variable bite period with crowding teeth in the frontal department, Krymovskyi K. G.


  1. Orthodontic correction in complex rehabilitation patients with occlusion disorders of iatrogenic genesis in combination with vertical anomalies of bite, Golubchenko O. Y.


  1. Technology mixed teaching students the orthodontics dental specialties in institutions of higher education medical of education, Melnyk B. O.