History of the Department

The Department of Orthodontics and Propedeutics of Orthopedic Stomatology was established on June 28, 1982 by Order No. 802-49 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.



K.P. Tarasov in 1919 the first department of orthodontics and dental prosthetics was founded in Kyiv. The first head of the department and the dean of the dental faculty was doctor KP Tarasov. The department existed until 1930 and after the death of K.P.Tarasov was liquidated.


Orthodontics began teaching at the departments of dental prosthetics, and from the 1950s on the departments of orthopedic dentistry. From 1949-68, the Department of Orthopedic Dentistry of the Kiev Medical Institute was headed by AI Betelman, who paid great attention to the prophylactic and medical care of children with dental-jaw abnormalities. He developed the classification of dental-maxillofacial anomalies, which was presented in 1957 at the Inter-Republican Conference of Orthodontic Doctors of the Baltic States. Many doctors still use this classification today. At the department for the first time an office of prevention of dental-jaw anomalies and early treatment at defects of the dentition, as well as the myotherapy room, where students and doctors-orthodontists of the republic were trained. Much attention was paid to the timely elimination of bad habits in children, traumatic occlusion, periodontal disease, pediatric denture.


Many Ukrainian dentists have made a significant contribution to the development of orthodontics, in particular representatives of the Kiev School Associate Professor A.I. Poznyakova, Associate Professor Y.M. Aleksandrov, Associate Professor AD Mukhina, Candidate of Medical Sciences V.S. Kurylenko, Candidate of Medical Sciences L. M. Grekova, Candidate of Medical Sciences Z.P. Vasilevskaya and others.






V.S. Kurylenko


After Professor A.I. Betelman, the department was headed by Professor S.I. Kryshtab, who in 1969 defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic “Materials to the pathogenesis and diagnosis of deformities of the mandible”. In 1975, a book about the anomaly of the mandible was published, and in 1982, the treatment of dental malformations.

On June 28, 1982, by order #802-49 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Department of Propaedeutics of Orthopedic Dentistry and Orthodontics was created. The new department was headed by Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Z.S. Vasilenko. Together with Vasilenko Z.S. a team of active and qualified teachers – associate professor Alexandrova Y.M., assistants Vasilevska Z.P., Grekova L.M., Kurilenko V.S., Logvinyuk F.D., Nespryadko V.P., Doroshenko S. I., Flis P.S., came to the newly created department, as there was no such department in Ukraine before staff was delivered task to develop documentation,



write methodological elaborations, create a training museum. There was only one clinical office – for 10 dental chairs. In a short period of time a material and technical base was created that could provide a high level of training of dentists in orthodontics and pediatric dental prosthetics, methods of diagnostics in orthopedic dentistry, teaching of dental prosthetics and materials science.

Scientific researches of the department were developed in two directions: improvement of diagnostics and methods of complex treatment of primary and secondary dental malformations and improvement of clinical and technological processes of making orthodontic devices and dentures for children and adults.



Under the guidance of Professor Z.S. Vasylenko, 5 PhD theses were completed (P.S. Flis, G.I. Lyutik, V.P. Potapov, Y.A. Samojlov, S.I. Tril). The inventive and innovative work has been properly developed.The staff of the department defended 3 doctoral dissertations (V.P. ​​Nespryadko – 1985, P.S. Flis – 1991, S.I. Doroshenko – 1991).



V.P. Nespryadko’s dissertation was entitled “Pathogenesis, Clinic and Treatment of Non-Cut Teeth (Clinical and Laboratory Research)”. New original techniques for the treatment of retinal teeth have been proposed.




The candidate’s (1986) and doctoral (1991) dissertations of P S Flis were devoted to the actual problem of orthopedic dentistry – the development of laboratory and clinical methods of making solid cast bridge and removable dentures, the development of methods of casting, new alloys, refractory materials, lining. It was proposed the industrial manufacture of solid cast dentures. Thanks to the scientific works of PS Fleis, the production of these most modern dentures has been established in Ukraine today. Since 1986, work has begun on the development of domestic photopolymers for denture lining, dental fillings, braces fixation.


For the first time for the first time in dentistry the possibility, effectiveness and expediency of using magnetoresis reflexology was proved. Dentistry proved the possibility, effectiveness and expediency of using magnetoresis reflexology.

In 1991, S.I. Doroshenko defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic “Oral preparation and orthopedic treatment for dental malformations”. The author of the dissertation revealed the frequency of distribution of anomalies and deformities, as well as defects of dental rows in children, suggested and proved the effectiveness of the use of electrofugulation in preparation for prosthetics, developed original methods of treatment of fused teeth, studied the effect of vibration on hard tissues and dental pulp, proposed the classification of secondary dental malformations.



Professor Flis P.S. – Honorary President of the Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine, member of the European and World Association of Orthodontists, Honorary Member and Honorary Chairman of the Belarusian Professional Society of Orthodontists, member of the Presidium of the Association of Dentists of Ukraine, scientific editor of the magazines “Dentistry News” and “World of Orthodontics” »,« Ukrainian dental almanac »,« Dental technologies »,« Modern dentistry ». Member of the Academic Council of the National Medical University, member of the Academic Council of the dental faculty of NMU, member of the specialized Academic Council for the protection of doctoral theses.

He is the author of more than 400 printed works, 80 inventions and patents, 20 textbooks and textbooks, including textbooks “Orthodontics”, “Propaedeutics of orthopedic dentistry”, “Pediatric dental prosthetics”, published in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Under the guidance of PS Fleis, 25 PhD theses are defended and 12 PhD and two PhD theses are completed. Dentist of the highest category, doctor – orthodontist of the highest category. In 2019, in the 100th anniversary of the dental faculty and in the 100th anniversary of the NAS of Ukraine, he was awarded the honors of the NAS of Ukraine «За професійні здобутки» for many years of highly professional work of a doctor, scientist and teacher, significant creative achievements in the development of priority new methods and technologies of orthopedic and orthodontic treatment of adults and children, their active use in medical practice.

The department honorably supports the traditions of the Kyiv Orthodontic School.


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