Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Internal Medicine №4

Treatment-and-consulting work

Department of Internal Medicine number 4 located at two treatment bases 12 and 15 Clinical Hospital, which signed contracts by NMU and corresponding clinics. According to your profile and activities, members of the department carry out preventive, therapeutic, advisory and research work in the therapeutic, cardiology, gastroenterology and receiving offices of these institutions. Advisory and therapeutic cardiology techniques in almost all departments of hospitals spend mnohoprofilnyh lecturers and assistants, laboratory department leads the Chamber of patients and duty. Employees of the department are held all cardiological examinations: Holter ECG and pressure test with dosed physical load (VEM), echocardiography, determination of lipid and glycemic profiles, and more. The department held a clinical study 2 foreign clinical interns second year and 1 first year. The department conducts ongoing curation interns, masters in family medicine and physicians for their acquiring practical skills and theoretical knowledge. The department participated in the morning discussions patients and postmortem proceedings consultation severe cases, conduct theoretical conference on diagnostic and therapeutic technologies advanced, complex and interesting presentation of clinical cases, constantly raise the level of knowledge.