Department of Internal Medicine №4



Responsible employee:

Sharaieva Maryna- Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor

tel: +380508314349



The head of the department professor Lyzogub VG is a member of the European Association of Cardiologists, head of international research projects “Development for the implementation of the drug Resistal” and other drugs in collaboration with Dr. Willmar Schwabe Pharmaceuticals, University of New Mexico Medical Schoolin, New Mexico, Institute for Medical Statistics Informations and Epidemiology at the University of Cologne since 2018.

Employees of the department prof. Lizogub VG, associate Professor Altunina NV, assistants Melnichuk IO, Motsak TM participate in international (multicenter) research:

  1. Protocol K-877-302 “The use of pemafibrate to reduce cardiovascular complications by reducing triglycerides in patients with diabetes” (2019-2024)
  2. Long-term study of the consequences to assess the reduction of residual risk when using a statin in combination with the drug Epanov in patients with hypertriglyceridemia at high cardiovascular risk (STRENGTH) (2016-2021).
  3. Multicenter, randomized double-blind study with double simulation and active control drug to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of vedolizumab IV in comparison with adalimubab IV in patients with ulcerative colitis (2016-2021).

Employees of the department regularly receive SME points for continuing medical education, participating in foreign conferences, congresses, seminars. Including:

  1. International scientific and practical conference «Medical sciences: history, the present time, the future, EU experience» Wloclawek, Republic of Poland, 2019.
  2. «Weill Cornell Medical Seminar», Salsburg, Austria, 2019.
  3. International scientific and practical conference «New trends and unresolved issues of preventive and clinical medicine» Lublin, Republic of Poland, 2020.
  4. International scientific-practical conference «Topical issues of science and practice», London, England, 2020.
  5. International scientific-practical conference «Science and practice of today», Ankara, Turkey, 2020.
  6. 88thEAS Virtal Congress, Geneva, Switzerland, 2020.
  7. Columbia University OMInar in Internal Medicine, USA, Columbia medical university, 2021.
  8. Modern science: concepts, theories and methods of basic and applied research, Vienna, Austria, 2021
  9. Сurrent issues of science, prospects and challenges І international scientific and theoretical conference, Sydney, Australia, 2021
  10. International scientific conference «Innovation in science: global trends and regional aspect», Riga, Latvia, 2021
  11. International postgraduate practical internship: “Teaching and research in a contemporary university: challenges, solutions, and perspectives”, University of Bialystok, 2021


9 teachers of the department received certificates with the possibility of teaching English to foreign students.

10 foreign students from India, Tajikistan, Nigeria in the 2020-2021 academic year participate in the scientific circle of the department, prepare scientific presentations at international conferences, publications in professional journals.

Since 2014 9 foreigners from India, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Nigeria were trained in clinical residency at the Department of Internal Medicine № 4.