Department of Internal Medicine №4


Responsible person – Bondarchuk Oleksandr, Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant of the Department

Tel +380509326227

E-mail –


The staff of the department: 3 professors, 6 associate professors and 10 assistants


The Department of Internal Medicine No. 4 is located in 12 and 15 city clinical hospitals, the agreement was concluded by the NMU and the relevant clinics. According to profile and direction of activity, the department staff conducts preventive, medical, advisory and scientific work in the internal medical, cardiology, gastroenterology and admissions departments of these institutions. Therapeutical and cardiological consultations in the departments of these multi-profile hospitals are carried out by3 Professors, 5 Associate Professors. 12 Assistants of the Department lead the patients’ wards and on call duties. The staff of the Department conducts all cardiological observations: Holter monitoring of ECG and blood pressure, exercise testing of physical activity (stress-testing), Echocardiography, determination of lipid and glycemic, biochemical profiles, etc. The staff of the Department takes part in the morning discussions of the case history of patients, in pathology examinations of severe cases, conduct theoretical conferences on diagnostic and guidelines of new technologies, presentations of complex and interesting clinical cases, constantly improve the level of knowledge about the implementation of modern protocols of evidence-based medicine in internal medicine practice, focuses on emergency careguidelines.

During the COVID 19 epidemic, the clinical bases of the department were assigned to institutions for the care of patients with coronavirus infection. Employees of the department participated in the preparation of departments for the reception of this category of patients. Also during the epidemic, teachers continue to work actively on clinical bases, providing advisory, diagnostic and information-technical assistance to hospitals.