Department of Internal Medicine №4


Responsible employee:

Tkachyshyn Volodymyr – Doctor of Medicine, Professor

tel: +380663359247



The staff of the Department of Internal Medicine № 4 actively conducts public and educational work. For students and patients, lectures on the negative aspects of smoking, alcoholism and drug addiction are read. Employees of the department actively promote healthy lifestyle among medical youth, explain to future doctors how to properly teach the patient the basics of non-drug therapy of various diseases.

Educational work at the department is based on the principle of treating students as partners, co-organizers of the educational process, given that the highest value of a person is his dignity and freedom. The leading person of the educational work is the teacher himself, who should be an example for students by the culture of communication, good performance of their duties, appearance, high professionalism.

The main point in the work of the teachers of the department is the orientation to transfer to the young generation of social experience, spiritual values, acquired both by the people of Ukraine and the humanity as a whole. In the work with students of medical faculties, more attention is paid to the process of adapting them to the system of teaching, the order and requirements of the educational process, overcoming the difficulties that arise.