Department of General Surgery №1


Staff in charge for training – Olexiy Skomarovskyi, MD PhD, Associate Professor,, +38 067 738 14 15


Staff in charge for guiding – Ihor Nastashenko, DMSc, Professor,, +38 050 351 04 80

2023-2024 s.y.

Methodical Recommendations


2022-2023 s.y.



Methodical Recommendations


The Department’s main activity area is the training of highly qualified medical specialists both among domestic and foreign students in line with the ECTS requirements. The Department provides training in General Surgery, Nursing Practice, and Patient Care for 2nd and 3rd-year students of Medical Faculties No. 2, 3 and 4, the Faculty of Medical Psychology and the Pharmaceutical Faculty in accordance with the credit-unit system. The main forms of the teaching process organization are practical studies, lectures, students’ individual work, consultations.

To enhance the Department’s learning and teaching process, academic councils are held before the beginning of the academic year and monthly over the course of the academic year, where organizational issues are discussed, and the adopted decisions are entered into the Department’s minutes.

At the first session on the given discipline, the Department’s lecturers inform students on the procedure of the students’ academic performance assessment (final modular control, discipline), the final modular control schedule, the procedure of making up academic deficiencies.

Using the current world standards of diagnostics and treatment of patients with acute surgical pathology, the Department staff has developed working curricula, methodological guidelines for training students for practical sessions, and published a number of textbooks (Lecture Course on General Surgery and Test Cases on General Surgery in Ukrainian, Russian and English).

To facilitate students’ understanding of the theoretical material and practical skills acquisition, the Department’s lecturers organize practical sessions with students at patients’ beds.

Procedures are honed on training dummies; preparation of OSCE-1 is held; multimedia presentations and video films are used.

The lectures are read by the Chairman of the Department, professor and associate professors in accordance with the syllabus. The lectures incorporate multimedia presentations, video materials demonstrating the modern methods of diagnostic and treatment of patients with acute surgical pathology.

In 2007, the Department introduced instruction in English (responsible staff – S. Zemskov, DMSc, Professor). The lectures and practical sessions with English-speaking students are held by the lecturers who are fluent in English and have certificates of the courses held by the Department of Foreign Languages: Professor S. Zemskov, Professor I. Kovalska, Associate Professor K. Burmich, Associate Professor L. Roshchyna, Associate Professor R. Tsymbaliuk, Assistant Professor Ye. Kozachuk. Considering the special aspects of teaching in the English language, the Department staff developed methodological recommendations on preparing students for practical sessions and compiled a list of English-language sources.

In their non-study time, students actively participate in emergency duties of the Department staff in Kyiv City Clinical Hospital No. 10, the work in the Students’ Scientific Circle (responsible staff – I. Nastashenko, DMSc, Professor) – this motivates students to study the discipline and develops their medical judgement. Besides, students take part in specialized trainings organized by the Department’s lecturers, and in consultations on preparation for OSCE-1.



  • Current course schedules of lectures, practical studies and self-studies
  • Timetable


VI SEMESTER 2019-2020

Date Day of the week Time № of the group Lecture topic Lecturer
1. 22.01



Wednesday 11.55-13.30 21-30, 46,47


Surgical infection. Classification. Acute surgical infection. Abscess. Flegmon. Furuncle. Carbuncle. Hydroadenitis. Limphadenitis. Limfangitis. Mastitis. Erysipelas. Paraproctitis. Rectal fistulas. Classification. Etiology. Clinical symptoms, diagnosis, treatment Prof. S.Zemskov
2. 05.02



Wednesday 11.55-13.30 21-30, 46,47


Surgical sepsis: definition, etiology, patogenesis, classification, clinical manifistations, diagnostics, treatment basics. Prof. S.Zemskov
3. 19.02



Wednesday 11.55-13.30 21-30, 46,47


Septic and necrotic processes of the wrist.


Associate professor L.Roschyna
4. 04.03



Wednesday 11.55-13.30 21-30, 46,47


Bases of clinical oncology Prof. S.Zemskov
5. 18.03



Wednesday 11.55-13.30 21-30, 46,47


Anaerobic non-clostridial and clostridial infection (gas gangrene). Acute surgical specific infection (tetanus). Etiology, clinical manifistations, diagnostics, treatment, profilaxis. Wound diphtheria. Antrax.

Necrosis, gangrene, ulcer, fistula, foreign body: etiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnostics, treatment.

Prof. S.Zemskov

Schedule of practical lessons negotiated and approved by general surgery department#1 meeting  (prot.№ 11, from “16” January 2020)

Lectures are delivered in the lecture hall (1st floor) of the Central polyclinic of Holosiivskyi district

(59a Holosiivskyi Ave.).

The head of general surgery department

MD, PhD., professor                                                                                                                                 О.І.Dronov



Thematic practice plan for second-year  medical  students 
IV semester of 2019-2020year


Topic name

Introduction to surgery.Orgаnization of work in the surgical department.
Organization of work in the clean dressing room. Desmurgy. Dressing material.Typical plaster bandages. Typical bandages for abdominal wall, limbs. Care for patients, operated on abdomen, limbs.
Aseptics and antiseptics. Care for patients with purulent pathologies.
Sterilization of  bandaging material and operating clothes. Organization of work in operating room. Surgical scrubbing
Surgical procedure. Patient`s preparation for surgery. Care for patients in postoperative period. 

Thematic practice plan approved at the meeting of Department of general surgery #1  (protocol  № 11 from «16»January 2020)

Head of the department,

PhD, MD, prof.                                                                                                            О.І.Dronov



Topics of lessons for students of Medical Faculty #2 
VI semester of 2019-2020

Topic name

1  General questions for surgical infection: classification, translocation, pathogenes. Pathogenesis of the general  and local reaction of an organism on an infection agent. Basic principles of diagnostics and treatment. Abscess. Flegmone.

Acute purulent diseases of the soft tissues: furuncle, carbuncle, hydradenitis, mastitis, paraproctitis, erysipelas.

2 Felon. Flegmones of the wrist. Wrist anatomical features. Etiology, pathogenesis, disease clinic, diagnostics, treatment. Lymphadenitis, lymphagitis: etiology, pathogenesis, disease clinic, diagnostics, treatment. 2
3 Putrid surgical infection: pathogens, features of the disease, basic treatment principles.  Anaerobic gas gangrene: Etiology, pathogenesis, disease clinic, diagnostics, treatment, specific and non-specific prophylaxis. Tetanus. Antrax. Wound diphtheria. Etiology, pathogenesis, disease clinic, diagnostics, treatment, specific and non-specific prophylaxis. Diagnosis,  prophylaxis and main principles of treatment in military and extreme situation. 2
4 Surgical sepsis: Definition, etiology, classification, pathogenesis, disease clinic, diagnostics, principles of treatment.  Septic shock. Multiple organ insufficiency syndrom. Immunocorrection. 2
5 Necrosis. Gangrene. Ulcers. Fistulas. Causes of occurrence. Clinical manifistations. Treatment. 2
6 Transplantology. Classification of transplants. Features of using different types of transplants.  Deontological aspects, legal basis for transplantation. 2
7 Tumors. Etiology, pathogenesis. Benign and malignant tumors. Tumors classification (TNM). Clinical groups for oncological patients. Clinical manifestations. Methods of diagnostics. Treatment basis. 2
8 Examination of surgical patient. Collection of complaints, anamnesis morbi and vitae. Curation of the surgical patient. 2
9 Case history protection. 2
10 Summary module control 2

Thematic practice plan approved  at the meeting of Department of  general surgery #1  (protocol  № 11 from  «16» January 2020)

Head of the department,

PhD, MD, prof.                                                                                                   О.І.Dronov



VI SEMESTER 2019-2020


Monday Tuesday


08.20 – 10.50


23 group, Roschyna L.

24 groupassist. Kozachuk Ye.

25 group, Burmich K.

29 group prof.Kovalska I.



Third 13.50 16-20


22groupassist. Kozachuk Ye.





Approved  at the meeting of Department of  general surgery #1  (protocol  № __ from  «_» January 2020)

Head of the department,

PhD, MD, prof.                                                                                                   О.І.Dronov

17.01.2020 р.



Thursday Friday
08.20 – 10.50

21 group, Roschyna L.

26 groupprof. Kovalska I.

27 group, Tsymbaluk R.

28 groupassist. Kozachuk Ye.

37group, Burmich K.

08.20 – 10.50

30 groupprof.Kovalska I.

34 group, Roschyna L.

32 group, Burmich K.

33groupassist. Kozachuk Ye.

35 group, Tsymbaluk R.


08.20 – 10.50



11.00 – 13.30





13.50 – 16.20

36 group, Roschyna L.

38 groupprof.Kovalska I.

39 group, Burmich K.

40 гр.. groupassist. Kozachuk Ye.

41 group, Tsymbaluk R.


13.50 – 16.20

31 group, Roschyna L.



13.50 – 16.20