Department of General Surgery №1



Staff in charge: Inna Kovalska, Professor, DMSc, +38 067 505 38 83

Main lines of work: planned and emergency abdominal surgery, oncological surgical emergencies, surgical treatment of disseminated and recurrent abdominal tumors, gynecologic oncology, introduction of cryotechnologies in treatment of inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases, reconstruction surgery, surgical complications in oncological diseases, laparoscopic surgical interventions, endoscopic surgical interventions.

Research activities: Development and improvement of minimally invasive and ablation technologies of surgical treatment.

Grant activities in 2017-2018.

No. Grantor Grant recipient

(full name)

Grant purpose Grant results (e.g., participation in a conference)
1. Germany Prospective Multicentre Trial (RECOPANC), DAAD Scholarship Serhii Zemskov DAAD Scholarship 52 Annual Pancreas Club Meeting, June 1-2. 2018, Washington
2. EAES grant, Germany Kyrylo Burmich


Internship in minimally invasive surgery Performing surgical interventions on the basis of the Department using minimally invasive technologies


Published papers – 25 textbooks and study guides.