Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology with Medical Genetics Section


2023-2024 a.y.


Working curriculum


Educational classes at the Department of Clinical and Laboratory Immunology, Allergology and Medical Genetics are held with students of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th years of all medicals, pediatric, dental, pharmaceutical faculties according to ECTS.


Responsible for the educational and methodological work of the department:

associate professor, doctor of medicine n, Galina Viktorivna Fedoruk ,

The main location of the department is CMP “Center of primary medical and sanitary care No. 1 of Podilsky District” Kyiv, str. Voloska, 47, 5th floor, the room of clinical immunologist.

Responsible for the English-language cooperation in education:

associate Professor, Ph. D in medicine, Dariya Volodymyrivna Plakhotna (clinical immunology and Allergology)

associate Professor,  Ziablitsev Denis Sergeyovich (medical genetics)

Location: children’s polyclinic No. 3 of the “Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 9”, Kyiv-80, st. Turivska, 26, 3rd floor

According to the credit-transfer system of the organization of the educational process, the department has developed new work programs for academic disciplines:

“Clinical Immunology and Allergology” EPP 222 “Medicine”, EPP “Medical Psychology” for students of 5 courses,

“Clinical immunology and allergology” EPP 221 “Dentistry” for students of the 4th year,

“Medical genetics” EPP 228 “Pediatrics”,

Elective subjects for students are:

  1. “Fundamentals of immunology and immunoprophylaxis” 1st course 229 “Public health”
  2. “Modern methods of genetic diagnosis in pediatrics” 3rd year 228 “Pediatrics”;
  3. “Medical genetics, cytogenetics, pharmacological genetics” 2nd year 222 “Medicine”
  4. “Modern methods of genetic diagnosis, cytogenetics” 3rd year 222 “Medicine”
  5. “Medical genetics, oncogenetics, basics of transplantology” 5th year 222 “Medicine”
  6. “Immunoprophylaxis of infectious diseases” 3 course 226 “Pharmacy. Industrial pharmacy”.

Work programs of elective disciplines for PhDs in the 2nd year of study “Clinical Immunology” and “Molecular Genetics” have been prepared for EPP specialties 222 “Medicine”,  221 “Dentistry”,  228 “Pediatrics”,  226 “Pharmacy.  Industrial pharmacy”.

Employees of the department have created lectures with multimedia support, which allows them to better learn of  the educational material. Methodical recommendations for conducting practical classes and lectures are prepared according to the National credit-transfer system.

The department has 5 textbooks in disciplines that has approved by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

  1. Clinical and laboratory diagnostics: textbook: in 2 volumes/ed. V.D. Babajana, L.V. Kuznetsova, P.G. Kravchuna, A.I. Kurchenko 2nd edition; processed and additional Kyiv, MEDPRINT, 2022-752 p.
  2. Drannyk G. N. Clinical immunology and allergology: Manual for students, doctors – interns, immunologists, allergists, doctors of the medical profile of all specialties. – 3rd ed.. supplement – K.: OOO. “Polygraph plus”. – 2006. -482 p.: ill.
  3. Clinical immunology and allergology with age characteristics/ V.E. Kazmirchuk, L.V. Kovalchuk, D.V. Maltsev – K: VSY “Medicine”, 2012. – 520 p.
  4. Drannyk G. N. Clinical immunology and allergology: A manual for students, doctors – interns, immunologists, allergists, doctors of the medical profile of all specialties. – 4th ed. supplement – K.: OOO. “Polygraph plus”, 2010.-552 p.: ill.
  5. Congenital malformations. Basics of diagnosis and treatment: monograph/ O.V. Dolnytskyi, V.O. Galagan, O.V. Romadina.- K.,- 2009.-1040 p.


In the 2009, the section of medical genetics was added to the department, which became the reason not only for changing the name of the department, but also the beginning of a new corresponding direction of scientific-education work.

Medical genetics at the department are taught part-time by the well-known specialist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, honored doctor of Ukraine Vira Oleksiivna Galagan, doctor of medical sciences, professor Olena Volodymyrivna Kucher, associate professors of the department, candidate of medical sciences. L.M. Turova, candidate of medical sciences D.S.  Ziablitsev and E.V. Sydorenko.

During the period of existence of the section of medical genetics, practical classes are held in the department, including English-language forms of education, and scientific research is carried out.

 Students of our science community repeatedly became prize-winners of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiads in both disciplines “Clinical Immunology and Allergology” and “Medical Genetics”.

In 2015 and 2016,  the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in the discipline “Clinical Immunology and Allergology”at  O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University was held at the base of the department. 63 best students from various universities of Ukraine took part in the Olympiads.