Academic Center of Continuous Professional Education ( AC CPE)

Scientific Affairs

The center hold research on modern teaching methods in the medical education, including:

  1.  Research of modern teaching methods in medical education.
  2. Development of innovative teaching approaches.
  3. Use of digital technologies and simulations in teaching.
  4. Analysis of the effectiveness of interactive and practical forms of learning.
  5. Use of artificial intelligence in education.

The main research functions of the Center are:

  • Selection of research methods to evaluate the effectiveness of certain methods;
  • Conducting research;
  • Summarization and systematization of research results.
  • Popularization of research results.

The research topic for 2020-2023:
“Effective forms and methods of professional development for teaching and academic staff of medical universities in Ukraine”.
Based on the analysis of existing forms and methods of professional development for teaching and academic staff of medical universities in Ukraine, studying the specifics of introducing educational innovations in the medical field, evaluating their effectiveness and possibilities for implementation in domestic education, the principles of building an effective training course for teaching and academic staff have been substantiated.

Expected Effectiveness of Research:

  • Identification of Key Forms and Methods: Identifying the most effective and relevant approaches to professional development, which may include traditional lectures, interactive workshops, online courses, modular training programs, practical seminars, etc.
  • Impact Assessment on the Educational Process: Analyzing how these methods can improve the quality of teaching and affect the success of students in medical universities.
  • Recommendations for Application: Developing specific recommendations for medical universities in Ukraine regarding the implementation of these methods and forms in their educational programs.
  • Suggestions for Integration of Innovations: Emphasizing the importance of integrating the latest technologies and innovative pedagogical strategies into the learning process.
  • Assessment of Long-term Impact: Predicting the potential impact of effective professional development methods on the development of medical education in Ukraine in the long term.

The research results are used in the education at the Center in developing educational programs, preparing lectures, practical and seminar sessions for listeners of courses for the professional development of academic staff, cycles of CME for doctors. It is worth noting that the research work conducted by the staff of the Academic Center also includes various relevant directions of modern medicine.

The responsible employee for Research – Violetta V.Ulishchenko, Professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences.

As a result of the research in 2019-2023, the staff of the Academic Center for Educational Programs prepared and published the following works:

A monograph titled “Pedagogical challenges of modern education in the context of blended learning. Scientific monograph.” Edited by Sofia Sokolova. Warsaw – Józefów: Alcide De Gasperi University of Euroregional Economy in Józefów, 2021.

Over the period from 2021 to 2023, the teaching staff:

  1. Published over 80 articles on pedagogical and medical topics, including 15 in publications indexed in SCOPUS/Web of Science, and 50 in professional journals of the Ministry of Education and Science and the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  2. Presented reports at 25 conferences in Ukraine and 20 conferences in the territory of the European Union (in-person and remotely), and published conference abstracts.
  3. Completed teaching and professional internships in Ukraine and abroad, receiving corresponding certification (11 certificates), including online certification.
  4. Are members of the editorial boards of journals in Ukraine: 4 journals, abroad – 5, and are also members of the editorial boards of journals indexed in Scopus – 2. The total

Hirsch index in Scopus is 20. The total Hirsch index in Google Scholar is 99.