Academic Center of Continuous Professional Education ( AC CPE)

Public and Educational Affairs


During the war in 2022, the staff of the Center actively participated in volunteer activities:

  • Collecting essential items for the Territorial Defense Forces of the Kyiv region,
  • Financial assistance to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (funds were transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine through the Trade Union Committee of NMU from the contributions of the members of the trade union committee of the Scientific Research Center for Educational Programs),
  • Material and moral assistance to refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs). The public duty of the members of the Scientific Research Center for Educational Programs includes providing medical assistance – consultations to IDPs, carried out by Prof. Valeriy Yevhenovych Cheshuk, Prof. Anna Volodymyrivna Zelinska, Assistant Yevhen L. Tarasenko, and other colleagues; and providing psychological support to IDPs, which involves Prof. Violetta V. Ulishchenko, Senior Lecturer Olena I. Kefeli-Yanovska.


EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS are held together with academic, research work, and is aimed at forming the personality of a professional doctor, moral and spiritual qualities, and an active civic position. In the lectures of professors and associate professors, including Associate Professor Olena O. Lazurenko, Tetiana M. Dumenko, issues of medical morality, medical deontology, practical conflictology in the work of a physician, academic ethics are regularly highlighted.