Medical and Advisory Work

The major directions of the department clinical work

  • surgical treatment of periodontal diseases;
  • teeth preserving surgeries;
  • preparation of a mouth cavity to the prosthesis;
  • dental implantation, including complex clinical cases (sinus lift procedure, increased alveolar ridge , distraction);
  • orthognatic surgery, elimination of anomalies of jaw deformities and abnormal occlusion, normalization of face and jaws shapes;
  • treatment of bones fractures of a face and facial deformations;
  • removal of benign tumors of a face and neck and vascular tumors of a skin;
  • Plastic, cosmetic, facial aesthetic surgery: correction of the form of the jaws, occlusion, nose, lip, ear, eye wrinkle removal, face and neck, scars, removal nonunion lip and palate, their secondary deformations and defects;
  • cranio-facial surgery (together with neurosurgeons) – traumatology, oncology.


Clinical cases:

Inflammatory diseases of the maxillo-facial area

Traumatic impairments of the maxillo-facial area

Tumor processes of the maxillo-facial area

Reconstructive surgeries

Prosthodontics of denture defects using the method of dental implantation