Clinical sites of the department

An outpatient site – Surgery Department of the Dental Medical Center of the National Medical University name after O.O. Bogomolets (St. Zoologichna Str., 1 metro station “Polytekhnichna”). At the present moment the department includes 10 doctors, 14 nurses and 12 junior nurses.

In the department there are 3 big doctor’s consulting rooms (8-10 chairs) and 3 ones with 2 chairs. There are 36 dental chairs and the room for performing anesthesia with a ward for a supervision of patients after the anesthesia. The department includes 4 qualified anesthesiologists, the head is P.B. Koval’.

In 2010 started the remedial works in the room with 10 chairs, in the sterilization and washing rooms, which should be equipped with advanced medical devices.

Day and night site (since 2000) – maxillo-facial department № 2 of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital № 12 (Prof.Pidvysotskyi Str., 4-A, metro station “Druzby Narodiv”) at the present moment has 30 beds. The department includes 8 doctors, 10 nurses and 6 junior nurses.

The duty days in the city – Tuesday and Saturday, surgery days – Tuesday, Thursday.

Till 1990 the head of the department was V.K. Pelypas’, but now the head is V.I. Ostapovskyi, the senior nurse is G.P. Avramets’.

Day and night siteis a scientific and research department of tumors of a head or neck and the department of modifying methods of treatment of the National Cancer Institute (Lomonosov Str., 41) with 30 beds, it is used since 1980.

The department was founded in 1971. The first head of it was professor Sergiy Mykhailovych Slinchak (1971 – 1975), then – professor I.T. Shevchenko (1975 – 1976), and after him – a senior researcher PhD Lesya Ivanivna Trushkevych (1976 – 1985).

During these years there were actively performed a scientific cooperation with Moscow Cancer Center (director is academician N.N. Blokhin, the head of the department of neoplasms on a head was professor A.I. Paches).

Since 1984 the academic adviser of the department is Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Vladimir Semenovich Protsyk (The photo. 5.36).

The photo.5.36. Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, Doctor of Medical Science, Professor Vladimir Semenovych Protsyk.

Professor V.S. Protsyk in 1964 graduated from the dental faculty of Odesa Medical Institute named after M.I. Pirogov, studied in clinical residence at the department of maxilla-facial surgery of Kyiv Institute for Doctors Advanced Training (the head – professor E.A. Aleksandrova, the student of A.A. Limberg, later – prof. O.M. Solntsev).

The main directions of the scientific and practical work of the clinic and Professor V.S. Protsyk are devoted to the development of new methods for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with malignant tumors of the head and neck. He often lectured to the students, clinical residents and post-graduate students of the department about malignant cancer.

In the department worked: MD A.I. Yatskiv, MD S.S. Aleksandrov and now are working: MD, senior researcher O.M. Ostapenko, research scientists: O.M.Trembach, A.V. Tymoshenko, E.V. Korobko, head of the department O.A.Mosin.

The main developments are the techniques of angiographic and radioisotope diagnosis, contact intraoperation gamma and neutron therapy for malignant maxilla tumors, regional selective and superselective intra-arterial chemotherapy, cryodestruction of malignant tumors, microwave hyperthermia, regional intra-arterial hyperglycemia, combined-advanced restorative and reconstructive surgery, optimized treatment of patients with thyroid cancer, exsoprosthetics methods of postsurgical defects and others.

The main directions of the scientific and research work :

  • A study of hormonal, immunological and genetic disorders in patients with thyroid cancer;
  • Rehabilitation of the endocrine function of the thymus and the pituitary- thyroid system in patients with thyroid cancer;
  • The Improvement of combined and integrated treatment methods of patients with head and neck tumors through the introduction and selective neo-adjuvant and selective chemotherapy, biotherapy and biotherapy methods;
  • The development and implementation in practice the adoptive immunotherapy based on the transfer of autologous activated lymphoid cells in patients with oral cancer.

The main developments:

  • Dental methods for diagnosis of oral cancer and lips;
  • Combined and complex methods of treatment of patients with tumors of the head and neck;
  • Intensive and concentration irradiation of tumors of the head and neck;
  • Intraoperative application of gamma and neutron therapy in the treatment of tumors of the tongue and upper jaw;
  • Selective intra-arterial chemotherapy, local hyperthermia, hyperglycemia and microwave hyperthermia;
  • Cryosurgical methods of treatment;
  • Optimized methods of treatment of patients with thyroid cancer;
  • Rehabilitation of patients – reconstructive and restorative surgery and exsoprosthetics.

Over the whole period of the department existence there were published 375 scientific works, including 69 abroad, published 2 oncology handbooks in collaboration, 5 monographs, 6 guidelines, received 4 patents for invention, prepared 2 doctors of medical science and 9 candidates of medical science, performed more than 100 presentations at scientific conferences.

Over the past 10 years, there were published 162 scientific works, including 34 abroad, 59 articles in journals, published the oncology handbooks in collaboration, 3 monographs, 3 guides, received 2 patents for invention, trained a doctor of medical science and 3 candidates of medical science, performed more than 76 presentations at scientific conferences.

In the department it is applied highly informative modern methods of diagnosis using ultrasound scanning, computed tomography, radioisotope and morphological studies.

It is performed selective intra-arterial and neo-adjuvant chemotherapy, local hyperthermia and complicated surgery. There is no an operative mortality.