Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery



Doctoral dissertations

  1. Vaysblat S.N. Suppurative osteomyelitis of the jaws, 1936.
  2. Shapiro M.J. The clinic of odontogenic gnathic cysts, 1939.
  3. Fetisov N.V. The variants of a surgical approach to the infratemporal fossa, 1954.
  4. Semenchenko G.I. Osteomyelitis of the lower jaw during the experiment and in clinics, 1958.
  5. Gubskaya A.N. The secondary deformations of the maxillo-facial area with congenital clefts of the lip and palate, 1963.
  6. Mudryi S.P. Prevention of atrophic alveolar processes in order to ensure optimal conditions for the prosthesis, 1965.
  7. Smirnov N.M. The dynamics of oscillographic rate when performing otorhinolaryngological surgeries depending on the method of anesthesia, 1966.
  8. Koval A.V. Clinical and physiological study of congenital “cleft palate”, 1967.
  9. Kovalenko V.S. Peculiarities of clinical progression, diagnosis and treatment of non-epidemic sialoadenitis, 1969.
  10. Chistyakova V.F. Maxillo- facial injuries, combined with a closed cranio-cerebral injury, 1970.
  11. Badalyan H.A. Clinical and experimental study of the possibility of early surgical treatment of congenital cleft palate and upper lip, 1971.
  12. Lesovaya N.D. The symptoms and the sialolithiasis treatment of the submandibular glands, 1972.
  13. Chekhovskiy R.N. Checking the basic steps of an uranostaphyloplasty and its effectiveness in the rehabilitation of patients with congenital defects of a palate, 1985.
  14. Dudko D.V. The symptoms and treatment of children’s hemangiomas of the maxillo-facial area, 1988.
  15. Kharkov L.V. The treatment of congenital palate nonunion, 1988.
  16. Usubov Y.A. Osteomyelitis of the children’s mandibular bone, 1988.
  17. Abdrahmanov S.A. Congenial defects of a lip and a palate in Kyrgyzstan conditions, 1991
  18. Denisenko A.G. Hemostatic therapy in surgical rehabilitation of patients with increased risk of hemorrhage from a dental alveolus, 1993. ( not approved by HAC )
  19. Pyuryk V.P The transplantation of a bone marrow in the treatment of periodontitis and jaws bone disorders, 1993.
  20. Malanchuk V.A. Reconstructive surgery of the lower jaw (clinical and laboratory research), 1994.
  21. Tsentilo V.G. Surgical rehabilitation of patients with malignant tumors of the maxillo-facial area, 2006.
  22. Nagirnyi Y.P. The Ways for optimization of a reparative osteogenesis in patients with traumatic fractures of a mandibular bone , 2009.


Candidate’s dissertations

  1. Kiseliov V.A. The results of a radical palate plastics with a transection of neurovascular bundles fascicles, 1959.
  2. Pinskiy I.Kh. The Materials and developmental history of dental science in postwar years (1946-1985), 1960.
  3. Rubezhansky A.F. The materials for the medico-legal investigation of the maxillo-facial area fractures and tooth damages, 1969.
  4. Poznyak L.F. Comparative evaluation of some suture materials used in dental surgery (silk, catgut, horsehair, nylon, polypropylene), 1964.
  5. Batievskaya V.P. Traumatic fractures of a mandibular bone in peacetime, 1965.
  6. Babashev O.V. Differential diagnosis and treatment of myeloid sarcomas, mixed tumors and hemangiomas of the maxillo-facial area, 1965.
  7. Chigirinets V.N. Diagnosis of malignant neoplasms of the maxillo-facial area, 1966
  8. Chehovskiy R.N. The treatment and prevention of defects and deformations of a palate after the uranostaphyloplasty, 1966.
  9. Odinets E.V. Surgical treatment of chronic periodontitis and acute suppurative periostitis by replantation of teeth, 1966.
  10. Khodorovich P.V. Surgical treatment of mandibular fractures in peacetime, 1966.
  11. Kuz’menko V.F. The treatment of angiloza of a temporo-mandibular joint, 1967.
  12. Migovich M.І. The diagnosis and treatment of adamantine jaw, 1967.
  13. Tsentіlo V.G. The treatment of lower jaw fractures, 1968.
  14. Burgonska V.І. Inflammatory and degenerative diseases of the temporo-mandibular joint, arthritis and arthritis, 1968.
  15. Abdrahmanov S.A. Comparative evaluation of some methods of local anesthesia in dental patients according to the functional parameters of kidneys, 1968.
  16. L.N. Change of some physiological measure in dental surgery with local anesthesia and premedication (clinical and physiological study), 1968.
  17. Dudko J.V. Surgical treatment of congenital nonunion of a palate (clinical and experimental research), 1969.
  18. Dolbіlov V.N. Evaluation of certain types of local anesthesia of a dental surgery according to some liver functions (clinical and laboratory research), 1969.
  19. Siderman A.P. Premedication by meprotan for simple dental surgery in patients with cardiovascular diseases, 1969
  20. Khimich A.I. The application of oleandomycin, galascorbinum and local hypothermia in the treatment of acute odontogenic chronic inflammatory diseases, 1969.
  21. Loganovskaya E.M. Osteomyelitis of the children’s lower jaw (clinical features, diagnosis, treatment , complications), 1969
  22. Skarbenchuk A.R. Functional changes in the cardiovascular system together with the surgery of dental patients in 1969.
  23. Makarenya V.V. Clinical and physiological basis of exercise therapy in treatment of children with congenital defects of a palate, 1970.
  24. Nespryadko V.P. Combined (surgical, orthodontic) methods of treatment of some anomalies and deformations, 1972.
  25. Abdel-Aziz (Egypt). Bone grafting of the anterior area of the mandibular bone in patients with dipnoous cleft palate, 1971.
  26. Sorokin V.I. The use of obturators in the treatment of children with congenital cleft palate, 1971.
  27. Kharkov L.V. The clinical significance of some laboratory biochemical blood tests before and after surgery of the patients with congenital cleft palate, 1972.
  28. Korchak L.F. The use of proteolytic and nucleases ferments in complex treatment of odontogenic inflammatory processes of the maxillo-facial area, 1972.
  29. Serdyukov V.I. The value of parenteral and probe-gastric feeding of children after some surgery in the maxillo-facial area, 1972.
  30. Yaroshenko G.G. Improvement of the methods of treatment of benign tumors of soft tissues of face, jaw cysts and using the proposed instruments, 1973.
  31. Nuritdinova Z.M. The treatment of a congenital cleft palate, 1975.
  32. Drobtsyun L.V. Removal of mandibular bone defects and some other benign tumors by boiled replants at the adamantine treatment, 1975.
  33. Voznij F.F. The treatment tactics of a dentist at the surgical oral cavity sanation in patients with chronic coronary heart diseases, 1980.
  34. Kolomiets L.І. Complex treatment of patients with acute odontogenic periostitis, alveolitis, acute and chronic pericoronitis with the usage of dimethyl sulfoxide, ectericidum and Oxacillin, 1982.
  35. Malanchuk V.O. Surgical treatment of the zygomatic complex fractures, depending on the duration of trauma, 1984.
  36. Yakovenko L.N. Hemodynamics of the palate tissues and ways of its correction in children with congenital cleft of a palate, 1985.
  37. Usenko S.A. Stimulation of the mandibular bone fractures cicatrization by the introduction of krills to a diet, 1985.
  38. Berezovskaya N.A. The treatment mandibular bone fractures under the effect of a constant magnetic field, 1985.
  39. Kovtsur S.S. Differential diagnosis and treatment of the maxillo-facial areaphlegmon, 1986
  40. Gershunі Y.D. Surgical treatment of fractures of the condylar process of mandible, 1986.
  41. Zhivoglyad V.M. Assessment of the main periodontal dynamical properties, 1986.
  42. Denysenko A.G. Local hemostatic therapy for dental surgical sanitation of patients with an increased risk of bleeding, 1986.
  43. Atef Al- NADAF (Sіrіya). Prevention of wounds festering after cystectomy of jaws and stimulation of the bone regeneration in the surgery area, 1987.
  44. Kozlov, V.N. The treatment and predicting of odontogenic phlegmons complications, 1989.
  45. Bazarov N.І. Diagnosis and evaluation of the treatment effectiveness of the maxillo-facial area tumors, 1990.
  46. Kulbashna Y.A. The improvement of diagnosis, treatment and predicting of odontogenic phlegmons fates, 1990.
  47. Mukhamedzyanova T.S. Comprehensive treatment of odontogenic ruptured maxillary sinusitis, 1990.
  48. Khegai S.M. Dialysis festering wounds parotid autoslyunoy in treatment of odontogenic abscesses, 1990.
  49. Chumatchenko A.V. Hemodynamics in patients with congenital cleft palate, 1993.
  50. Peredkov K.Y. Maxillo-facial injuries, combined with a traumatic brain injury (clinics, diagnosis, treatment in the acute phase), 1994.
  51. Korchemsky I.S. The development of the main problems of dental surgery in the USSR (1917-1967), 1975.
  52. Paschenko L.І. The potentiation of the local novocaine anesthesia together with a combination of carbomal and pipolphen, metacin, promedolum during a dental surgery, 1976.
  53. Dovbysh N.A. Comparative evaluation of UHF-therapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy for the prevention and treatment of traumatic osteomyelitis of the mandibular bone, 1999.
  54. Volovar O.S. Clinical and biological study of transplantation methods for the reconstruction of the mandibular bone and TMJ, 2000.
  55. Astapenko O.O. Surgical treatment of upper micrognathia, accompanied by the dental arcade narrowing, 2001.
  56. Protsyk V.V. Differential diagnosis of the limfadenopaty of the maxillo-facial area and neck, 2001.
  57. Kopchak A.V. Complex treatment of the lower jaw open fractures using of ozone therapy (clinical and experimental study) , 2003.
  58. Tsilenko A.L. Treatment efficacy of patients with defects and deformations of the facial bones, 2004.
  59. Logvynenko I.P. The treatment of the zygomatic complex fractures, which caused orbital cavity changes, 2005.
  60. Moderres Abolfazl. Surgical treatment of bone shaping in zygomatic complex fractures, 2007.
  61. Chumak M.M. Surgical treatment of a condylar process fractures and abarticulation, 2007.
  62. Gordiychuk M.A. Complex treatment of the lower jaw fractures in the correction of reparative processes conditions, 2010.


Provided to the specialized academic board (as of 01.12.2010)

  1. Dobryi-Vechir T.V. The specific features of a surgical treatment of patients with difficult eruption of lower third molars.
  2. Yephys’ko V.M. Surgical treatment of chronic odontogenic maxillary sinusitis.
  3. Chepurny Y.V. The treatment of fractures of a midface that is accompanied by a lacrimation abnormality.
  4. Brodetsky I.S. Complex treatment of jaws osteomyelitis in drug-addicted patients.