Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery

Chairman of the department, correspondent member of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Honored master of sciences and engineering of Ukraine, professor
Malanchuk Vladyslav Oleksandrovych

The department was founded in 1920. It is one of the main centers of specialty development in the country and supportive centers of professions such as “fundamentals of dentistry, dental surgery and maxillofacial surgery” of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine. The teaching staff consists of leading national specialists, members of Ukrainian and international professional associations. The department teaches the students of 3-5 academic years of dental faculty 5 academic year of treatment faculties; it also trains scientific and pedagogical personnel. Its clinical sites are the divisions of dental surgery of the dental clinic of the National Academy of Sciences, maxillofacial division of Kyiv Municipal Clinical Hospital № 12, clinic of head and neck cancer of Oncology Institute of the Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine. In 1992 there were resumed the relations with foreign specialists and in 1996 there was founded Ukrainian association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons (UACMFS).

The main areas of clinical activity of the department:
– surgical treatment of periodontology;
– teeth-saving operation;
– preparation of oral cavity to dental prosthetics;
– dental implantation including complicated clinical events (sinus lift procedure, increase of alveolar portions and distraction);
– orthogenetic surgery, anomalies reversal including jaws malformation and afunctional bite, normalization face and jaws shapes;
– treatment of maxillofacial fractures and different malformations of visceral cranium;
– removal of innocent tumors of face and neck, as well as vascular tumors of skin;
– plastic, cosmetic and aesthetic facial surgery: remodeling of jaws shape, bite, nose, lips, rim of ear, removal of wrinkles on eyelids, scars, removal of nonunion of lip and palate, their secondary malformations and defects;
– craniofacial surgery (together with neurosurgeons) – traumatology and oncology.

The department carries out scientific researches on current problems of dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery. From 2000 to 2009 yy. there were published 1 textbook, 4 monographs, 8 books of abstracts, more than 300 scientific works; there were received 95 patents, held 1 congress, 3 conferences and 4 international congresses on implant dentistry (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010).

Among principle scientific achievements are:
– development of anesthesia methods in maxillo-facial area, treatment of inflammatory processes, congenital and acquired defects and malformations, implementation of modern diagnostic methods, computerized tomography with three-dimensional reconstruction and following making of plastic replicas (since 12.2001);
– study of properties of osteogenic precursor cells by means of cloning (since 1986);
– there was discovered the heterogeneity phenomenon of fibroblasts of human bone marrow, new restorative properties of the bone marrow cell;
– there was started in Ukraine the conduction of cranio-maxillo-facial operations upon trauma (since 1987), upon tumors of maxillo-facial area with extension to intracranial cavity (since 1995, at the institute of neurosurgery);
– new biologically-grounded treatment methods of facial bones fractures – jugal complex, upper and lower jaws, frontal-facial damages, diseases of crotaphic-maxillo-temporal joint;
– restoration of crotaphic-maxillo-temporal joint by automatic joint from patient’s foot (since 1986), distraction (sizes enlargement) of upper jaw and lower jaw (since 1985);
– study of restoration osteogenesis and biomechanics of facial bones in health and upon fractures or other diseases;
– microvascular reparative operations (since 1985, at the institute n.a. O.O.Shalimov).

The department and association organize national and international congresses, meetings on problems of implant dentistry, surgical dentistry, maxillo-facial surgery and maintain contacts with world, European, national professional associations and leading scientific and treatment institutions of Ukraine.

Professor V.O.Malanchuk is the member of Council of European Association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons from Ukraine (since 1992). A number of workers undertook an internship at leading clinics of Europe, the USA and delivered their reports at many international professional forums.


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