Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery

History of the department

The department of dental surgery was founded in 1920 and named “the department of operative teeth care”. It was headed by practicing doctor-dentist M.Y.Shapiro who in 1901 undertook an internship in Berlin during four months in specialty “orthognatic surgery”. The classes were held on the basis of surgery at dental polyclinic, the teachers (chairman and 3 teaching assistants including S.N.Vaysblat) provided only academic process. Clinical site of the department was situated at the building of dental polyclinic in Khreschatyk Str., 50, and the curriculum of the department contained two clinical disciplines – operative teeth care and surgery of oral cavity and adjacent areas. Professor M.Y.Shapiro headed the department to 1931 and then it was headed by professor S.N.Vaysblat, the student of chairman department of intermediate level surgery of Kyiv Medical Institute professor N.A.Zavyalov. At the same time, S.N.Vaysblat concurrently headed the department of dental surgery at Kyiv institute of doctors’ advancement. Under the guidance of S.N.Vaysblat, in Ukraine was created the scientific school of dental surgeons and maxillo-facial surgeons.


Перша клінічна база кафедри (вул. Хрещатик, 50) проф. Шапіро М.Й.

The department of dental surgery was founded in 1920 and named “the department of operative teeth care”. It was headed by practicing doctor-dentist M.Y.Shapiro who in 1901 undertook an internship in Berlin during four months in specialty “orthognatic surgery”. The classes were held on the basis of surgery at dental polyclinic, the teachers (chairman and 3 teaching assistants including S.N.Vaysblat) provided only academic process. Clinical site of the department was situated at the building of dental polyclinic in Khreschatyk Str., 50, and the curriculum of the department contained two clinical disciplines – operative teeth care and surgery of oral cavity and adjacent areas. Professor M.Y.Shapiro headed the department to 1931 and then it was headed by professor S.N.Vaysblat, the student of chairman department of intermediate level surgery of Kyiv Medical Institute professor N.A.Zavyalov. At the same time, S.N.Vaysblat concurrently headed the department of dental surgery at Kyiv institute of doctors’ advancement. Under the guidance of S.N.Vaysblat, in Ukraine was created the scientific school of dental surgeons and maxillo-facial surgeons.

In 1929 there were founded 4 beds for maxillo-facial patients in the clinic of intermediate level surgery of 1st municipal hospital and in 1931 there was opened the maxillo-facial division in Kyiv institute of traumatology and orthopedics, at first for 16 beds, and since 1937 – for 40 beds. In-patient facility was situated in park above the Dnieper in Kirov Str., 7, at light and good three-storied building (today it is the residence of Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine). In 1935 there was founded dental technical laboratory, affiliated to the clinic, for production of dental splints, complex prosthetic dentures and appliances. The clinic carried out the reception of outpatients and at ambulance too. Clinical sites were transferred to government funding and consigned to the institute, and the students were prohibited to attend the lectures freely.

Maxillo-facial division of Kyiv institute of orthopedics and traumatology was the clinical and scientific site of the department where a great volume of treatment and scientific work was performed; it was mostly dedicated to two problems: local anaesthesia of maxillo-facial area and odontogenic osteomyelitis of jaws. In 1925 there was published a monograph of S.N.Vaysblat “Nerve block anaesthesia of teeth and jaws” which was the first monograph dedicated to local anaesthesia in dentistry and eventually had 6 editions, and in 1938 there was published the monograph of S.N.Vaysblat “Purulent osteomyelitis of jaws”.

In course of time the training period at the faculty was extended up to 5 years and the disciplines of dental and maxillo-facial surgeries were taught not 2 but 3 years. Before the beginning of war, the personnel of the department had the following fifteen posts: chairman, three associate professor, eleven teaching assistants, ten resident physicians, seven post-graduate students and four denturists.


The head dentist of Public Health of Ukraine, Honored Science Worker of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, professor Vaysblat Solomon Naumovych (1887–1965)

In total, under the guidance of professor S.N.Vaysblat, there were executed 12 candidate dissertations. He wrote about 120 scientific works including monographs: “Nerve block anaesthesia of teeth and jaws” which had 6 editions and “Purulent osteomyelitis of jaws”. Both works still have great theoretical and practical value.


Building of the dental faculty before 1953 (Kirov Str., 7, today – the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine).

Being the member of Kyiv dentists’ association (1935–1953) and the head dentist of Ministry of Public Health of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (1946–1953), professor S.N.Vaysblat made a lot for scientific and practical training of dentists in Ukraine. He took part in organization of regional dentists’ associations, was the initiator of implementation of new scientific achievements into practice of treatment institutions. S.N.Vaysblat was awarded the title of Honored Science Worker of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic.

In March 1953, immediately after professor S.N.Vaysblat’s retirement, the department was temporarily headed by the participant of Finnish and Great Patriotic Wars – associate professor G.I.Semenchenko (graduated from Kyiv Medical Institute in 1938) and then the department was headed by Fetisov Mykola Vasylyovych.


Honored Science worker of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, professor Grygoriy Ivanovych Semenchenko, who performed duties of the department’s chairman in 1953 (24.01.1914 –8.04.1996.)

In March 1953, immediately after professor S.N.Vaysblat’s retirement, the department was temporarily headed by the participant of Finnish and Great Patriotic Wars – associate professor G.I.Semenchenko (graduated from Kyiv Medical Institute in 1938) and then the department was headed by Fetisov Mykola Vasylyovych, 1896 year of birth, participant of the Civil War, graduate of the treatment faculty of Kuban medical institute of 1925. He headed the department in 1953–1961 yy. In 1940 M.V.Fetisov defended his candidate dissertation (“Materials before the state of oral cavity among brucellar patients”), in 1956 he defended doctoral dissertation (“Variants of operative approach to infratemporal fossa”) and in 1956 рhe received the title of professor.

During these years the main areas of scientific work were: further development of anesthetic problems in maxillo-facial area, odontogenic osteomyelitis (V.S.Kovalenko, A.M.Korolenko), operative approaches to infratemporal and pterygomaxillary fossas and questions of plastic surgery. There were offered the methodologies of nerve block anaesthesia and methods of nose malformations removal upon schistasis of upper lip, formation of bucket-handle graft with bone defect replacement of lower jaw, osteosynthesis of lower jaw fractures with the help of wire suture, metal core or capron thread, filling of cystic cavities with homo- and heterotransplants (N.S.Koval). Under the guidance of M.V.Fetisov there were defended five dissertations (D.I.Tsentylo, N.S.Tsebenko-Guliyeva-Koval, E.I.Bocherikova, Y.G.Semenenko and A.M.Korolenko).


Professor Mykola Vasylyovych Fetisov (1896–1970), department’s chairman in 1953–1961 yy.

In 1961 р. professor V.M.Fetisov was transferred to the post of department’s chairman of dental surgery in Kishinev medical institute. To head the department in Kyiv medical institute it was supposed to invite professor E.S.Malyevych (Dnipropetrovsk) who was the candidate of medical science and worked as a teaching assistant of the department just before the Great Patriotic War; in hospitals he received a great treatment experience of military firearm maxillo-facial wounds. But it did not happen due to a number of reasons. Eventually the department was headed by professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy.


Professor Yuriy Yosypovych Bernadskiy (1915–2006), department’s chairman in 1961–1989 yy.

In such favorable conditions the effectiveness of department’s work increased. In 1965, 42 persons worked at the department, among them 13 were teachers: chairman (professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy), 3 associate professors (S.I.Bukh-Chechyk, V.S.Kovalenko, V.A.Petrenko), 9 teaching assistants (E.D.Pokotylo, L.V.Nazarenko, N.S.Koval, E.I.Bocherikova, P.V.Khodorovych, E.V.Odynets, I.O.Raksha, V.I.Kozlyuk, R.N.Chekhovskiy), 5 post-graduate students, 5 resident physicians, 4 polyclinic doctors, 5 laboratory assistants and other personnel.

Under the guidance of professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy, there were studied history and bibliography of soviet dentistry, pathophysiology of operation trauma, traumatology, oncology, restorative-reconstructive surgery of maxillo-facial area and gerontological dentistry. There were received new data on pathophysiological changes upon maxillo-facial operations. There developed premedication methodologies and anaesthetic methods with application of neuroleptic and tranquilizing medications; there was recommended new anaesthetic drug – trimecaine and there was implemented intratrachaeal anaesthetic. In 1981 there was started the study of general anaesthesia among children.

In 1965 professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy was the first who published in Ukrainian the study guide “Surgical dentistry” (Kyiv, 1965, 265 p.), in 1970-1972 there was published 2-volume guidance by Y.Y.Bernadskiy “The fundamentals of surgical dentistry” and “Traumatology and restorative surgery of maxillo-facial area” which became indispensable guides practically for all specialists of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and for more than 30 years , they had 4 editions with general circulation of 40 thousand copies.


Memorial plate of professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy (Kyiv, Gorkogo Str., 24), founded in 2007 due to appeal of department’s chairman to mayor of Kyiv (the first memorial plate to professor-dentist in Ukraine).

In 1975-1985 there were published methodological recommendations (29 parts) to practical classes for students and teachers in all sections of specialty which were extended not only in Ukraine but all over the USSR. At the department there were qualification courses for teachers of medical institutes of the country – professors, associate professors, teaching assistants who at the same time with education took part in all kinds of department’s activity, shared their scientific, teaching and treatment experience.

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Department’s personnel at the lecture for students: teaching assistant V.I.Kozlyuk, associate professor P.V.Khodorovych, teaching assistants L.V.Drobtsyun, L.V.Nazarenko, О.І.Bocherikova, І.О Raksha, M.L.Zakson.

The history of soviet dentistry and bibliographic analysis of scientific achievements of dentistry schools of the USSR were reflected in two volumes of bibliographic guidance “Soviet dentistry literature”. At the department, there were written about 20 monographs, textbooks and guides, among which were study guides for students of dentistry institutes and faculties of “Surgical dentistry” (1966), “The fundamentals of dental surgery” (1970, 1983, 1984, 2003), “Traumatology and restorative surgery of maxillo-facial area” (1978, 1985, 1999) by professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy, monographs “Odontogenic maxillary sinusitis” (1968), “Gerontological dentistry” (1973), “Outlines of purulent maxillo-facial dentistry” (1978), “Rehabilitation of children with nonunion of palate” (1978) and others.

Effective work was encouraged by convenient clinical sites of the department – maxillo-facial division of the hospital № 23 for 65 beds which was situated on 4th floor of the dental clinic and on 1st floor – outpatient surgical division, first for 18 and since 1983 for 36 dental chairs. Lecture room was situated on 1st floor that is why every lecture was conducted with presentation of 1–3 subject patients who were taken by lift from 4th to 1st floor to the lecture room. Patients were presented to students by post-graduates, resident physicians and doctors of the division. Therefore, critically ill patients could be immediately lifted into division and given an emergency care including with the participation of students. All this was positively reflected on the quality of specialty teaching and on quality of students’ training.

In 1977 by the recommendation of professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy and professor S.Y.Kryshtab, there was resumed the application of dental implantation method in dentistry (V.O.Malanchuk, V.V.Los’).


Department’s personnel (August, 1977). 1st row: teaching assistant J.V.Dudko, chairman of maxillo-facial department V.K.Pelypas, associate professor N.S.Koval, professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy, associate professor P.V.Khodorovych, associate professor R.N.Chekhovskiy, teaching assistant V.N.Dolbilov. 2nd row: resident physician V.O.Malanchuk, teaching assistants: Y.A.Yusubov, doctor Y.D.Gershyni, L.V.Kharkov. V.I.Kozlyuk, M.L.Zakson, E.N.Loganovska, E.V.Odynets, L.F.Poznyak, I.A.Raksha, L.V.Drobtsyun, L.N.Chernyshova, resident physician L.N.Polonska (Yakovenko).

In 1980 at children’s hospital № 3 was founded children’s maxillo-facial division for 30 beds; it was headed by associate professor R.N.Chekhovskiy. In 1983 this division was transferred to the hospital “OHMATDIT”, the number of beds was increased up to 60 and it was headed by associate professor J.V.Dudko.

1989 to October 1993, the department was headed by professor J.V.Dudko who simultaneously worked as a dean of dental faculty. At that period the department’s staff amounted to 17 rates: chairman – 1; consultant professor – 1; associate professors – 3; teaching assistants – 12.


Professor John Vasylyovych Dudko (20.09.1935–15.10.1993), dean of dental faculty (1988-1993), department’s chairman (1989-1993).

At that time (in 1989) at the clinical site of the department – maxillo-facial division, was closed the emergency station which worked 15 days per month and where students worked during practical classes and makeup of missed classes, there were reduced 4 doctoral rates (doctors were transferred to municipal medical emergency hospital and then fired out). It significantly worsened the training of students and young specialists, as well as teaching, treatment and scientific work of the department.

The beginning of 90-s distinguished by negative phenomena which reflected the real social situation during difficult period of Ukrainian nation-build. During this period, due to the emergence of new socio-political, economic and moral realities that significantly worsened the quality of human life and forced them to think about the work in order to “survive”, and significant deterioration of the department’s clinical site, there almost completely stopped the influx of young doctors-enthusiasts to the department. During this time (1989–1993) at the department was defended only one candidate dissertation executed in medical emergency hospital of Kyiv city with the help of neurosurgeons.

Maxillo-facial division started to provide only planned surgical service what was quite a little for full-scale training of medical personnel, future department’s teachers; also it negatively affected the care quality to patients, the qualification level of most clinic and department workers, training of scientific personnel, scientific and teaching work, etc.


The building of maxillo-facial unit (2nd floor) of hospital № 23 in Kyiv city, outpatient unit of department in 1993–2000 yy. (today it is 4-storied clinic “Oberig”)

In October 1993 professor J.V.Dudko died and from 24.11.1993 to 31.01.1995 the liabilities of department’s chairman were performed by associate professor L.F.Poznyak (head teacher of the department).

Позняк Л

Professor L.F.Poznyak (photo of 1964), performed liabilities of department’s chairman in 1993-1995 yy.

Since 1.02.1995, the department’s chairman became Doctor of medical science, associate professor V.O.Malanchuk. On 29.12.1994 he defended doctoral dissertation in the following subject: “Reconstructive-restorative operations of lower jaw (clinical laboratory research)” where different complex operations of lower jaw were pathogenetically and biologically grounded. For the first time, on tissue culture the author demonstrated that lower jaw has various restorative capacities upon dissimilar pathological processes. There were developed methods of distractive and microsurgical removal of defects and malformations of lower jaw (since 1985); treatment methods of ankylosis of maxillo-temporal joint by means of patient’s metatarsophalangeal joints transplantation in a form of free or vascularized transplant (the first operation in the USSR, 1986); there was grounded the choice of pathogenetic-optimal free autologous bone transplant for local correction of restorative osteogenesis being aberrant upon diseases of lower jaw’s bone tissue.


Corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, Honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, President of Ukrainian association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons, Ukrainian representative in the Council of European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery and International Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, professor Malanchuk Vladyslav Oleksandrovych

From 1994, the emergency station, as part of maxillo-facial division, was restored; the number of doctoral rates in maxillo-facial division was increased from 3 to 7, but the duty days became only two days per week which was extremely insufficient for pedagogical process and fill up the beds with patients, the number of which has reduced to 50. Gradually, there was started the restoration of the volume and level of division’s clinical work which had reduced due to five-year absence of patients (in 1989–1994 yy.) and who are admitted through emergency station by medical ambulance.

Expansion of scientific contacts enabled the department to create in 1995 a new educational program for students of higher medical educational institutions of Ukraine – the department started to teach the specialty according to new program developed by it; this program included 15 new topics and chapters according to modern educational programs of European countries and major modern achievements of world’s professionals, specialty’s position in the world (shreds with axial vascular pattern, microsurgery of maxillo-facial area, compression distraction method, maxillo-facial oncology, reconstructive-restorative surgery and others). After successful testing of the new program by the department in 1998 with participation of colleagues from Kharkiv and Poltava, this program was specified and approved by the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine. Since then all Higher Medical Educational Institutions started to work according this new program and the students of dental faculties started to learn a new complete modern course of specialty.

Thus, the department raised to a new modern level the quality of specialty teaching in Ukraine; there was formally completed the first step of contingence and unification of national, European and world professionals training system in the field of dentistry and, especially, maxillo-facial and cranio-facial surgery; there was made the main step towards contingence of specialty’s position and its teaching to the level of developed countries of the world; access of Ukrainian medicine to world’s medical space. Over the years, some of the most difficult parts of this program, in particular, on reconstructive-restorative and cranio-maxillo-facial surgery, were reviewed (2006) in European association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons and received high appraisal and were amounted to be one of the best in Europe.

Due to increase of students number, the department started to increase either and there was felt the shortage of teaching personnel. In 1995 young teachers joined the department – 2 masters, 8 interns and in a year they were already 16. They started to study according to new educational programs developed by the department, including related departments and in units of general surgery, children’s maxillo-facial surgery, neurosurgery, traumatology, otorhinolaryngology, otorhinolaryngology-oncology, oncology of head and neck, microsurgery, ophthalmology and other related specialties (about 1-2 weeks).

There were developed international ties of the department. During the visits to the department in 1992–1993 yy. of professor R.Fris (Linz, Austria), the President of European association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons in 1990-1992 yy., there was founded the organizing committee on foundation of Ukrainian association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons.


Professor R.Fris, the President of European association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons in 1990-1992 yy.

On 12.01.1996 the department held the second organizational conference (it was prepared since spring 1995) with participation of departments’ chairmen of surgical dentistry of Higher Educational Institutions of Ukraine, heads of maxillo-facial divisions of hospitals, famous specialists, and according to their decision there was created the Ukrainian association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons (UACMFS).

Participants of the conference discussed the regulations of European similar association and Association of Ukrainian dentists in comparative aspect; there were adopted necessary foundation documents; there were chosen governing bodies of Association and others. Its President became the Doctor of medical science, associate professor V.О.Malanchuk, vice-president – professor L.V.Kharkov, honorary president – professor Y.Y.Bernadskiy. Among founders and honorary members of Association are professors, associate professors and doctors of all institutes and regions of the country, well-known foreign maxillo-facial surgeons of Europe, America, CIS and famous Ukrainian specialists of other professions. Foundation of Association became the continuation of ties development of Ukrainian cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons with foreign colleagues, in particular with European Association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons (EACMFS).

At the end of December 1999, due to closure (as if temporarily) for repairs of clinical site of the department – hospital № 14 (former – № 23 n.a. М.І.Кalinin, Zoologichna Str., 3), maxillo-facial unit was reduced from 50 beds to 30 and transferred (according to promises, as if temporarily, during the repairs) from 1.01.2000 to Kyiv municipal clinical hospital № 12 (Prof. Pidvysotskiy Str., 4-а) in Pecherskiy district where was already situated similar maxillo-facial unit № 1 for 60 beds. Unfortunately, the hospital is located at a long distance from Zoologichna Str. – the main outpatient site of the department (more than one hour driving distance by public transport).

Лікарня №12 (3 1

Hospital № 12 where is located the maxillo-facial unit № 2 for 30 beds, clinical site of the department, (Pidvysotskiy Str., 4-а)

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The work in State Commission to identify the victims of a plane crash (September, 1996, Norway). MD O. Philipchuk, chief medical assessor of Ukraine professor Y.P. Shupyk, MD V.O. Malanchuk (Municipal Hospital of Tromso city, Norway, 1-15.09.1996 ), V.O. Malanchuk and professor Sigrid Kvol (the university in Oslo)

In January 2000, the Department held an international conference on the occasion of the 85th anniversary of professor Y.Bernadskiy and the 80th anniversary of the department foundation (and dental faculty). The materials of the conference were published as an individual book “The Department at the turn of Millennium”, which also includes the essays about the faculty and department history about the biographies of department heads and professors, and other informative materials which were prepared for the celebration of 160th anniversary of the National Medical University n. a. A.A.Bogomolets in 2001.

In 1996 the department started the collaboration with Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health as for the introduction of medical specialties in Ukraine which are actually existed as a profession – ” Oral and maxillo-facial surgery”, because the department specialists and more than 500 oral surgeons of the country, and all dentists who should perform surgeries on the neck (do tracheotomy, tie carotid artery, reveal phlegmon) are working outside the legal field. On the 25th of May 1999, the Department filed a third application (№ 22\124) to Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health with a request to include into the list of medical specialties a new one – “27.6 – maxillo- facial surgery”, which has been confirmed and transferred to the Ministry together with the documents from 20 regional offices of health care and 7 medical universities of Ukraine. Only in 1999 this issue was discussed together with Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health (obtained an oral agreement, including the presence of Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine for Humanitarian Issues 30.9.1999) and the 1st co-minister.

On the 29th of December 1999, the department obtained the support from the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers (separate orders of Ukrainian KM № 28531 /96) as for the introduction of a state specialty “maxillo- facial surgery”. Due to this order of Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health (№ 9 ADM dated from 19.01.2000) the working group consisted of 5 heads of the department (Prof. V.I. Vakulenko, Odessa, MD V.O. Malanchuk , Kyiv , Professor A.E. Malevich, Dnepropetrovsk , Professor O.V. Rybalov, Poltava, Professor G.P. Ruzin , Kharkov) in March 2000 developed and provided the required documents to Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health. But since that time, the numerous appeals Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health and to other institutions (including the President of Ukraine in June 2009) didn’t bring the results. To solve the issue as for the introduction of new medical specialties like a “maxillo-facial surgery ” and the creation of the state or the city center of cranio-maxillo- facial surgery as a clinical base of the department and to get the required equipment for the clinic was not managed.

However, even in such difficult conditions the department continued the active work. In a very complex organizational conditions (the smallest area per 1 student among dental departments; available only 9 training rooms for 14-20 educational student’s groups, which are existed at the department at the same time; slippage of students’ production practice from winter to summer since 1994 etc.) the department conducted pedagogical work with the highest profile among the departments of students – 3 dentistry faculties (approximately 1,200 students) , 3 medical faculties (1, 2 and 3 – approximately 1,200 students), Officers’ Training corps ( 50 students), resident physicians ( 400-450 persons) – that is about 2600-2700 students.

Over the years, the department had the top at the University of inventive work, constantly attracting young people to scientific work. Forms of work with young people are different – research students circle the shifting of students in the emergency department of a clinical site, presence at surgeries, reports on current topics that yield positive results. Thus, in 1999, for the first time of the NMU history the student and the member of the department’s circle A.V. Kopchak won the Republican contest for the best student work, in 2001 won the competition for the best scientific work of young scientists of the country, and in 2003 he defended a dissertation on ozone-oxygen therapy.


General photo of the participants of the second interdepartmental scientific and research conference for youth (03.2010). The first row – a corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor. V.A.Malanchuk, corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Professor H.D.Zhaboyedov, Vice-Rector for research of Novosibirsk State Medical University, corresponding member of the Ukrainian National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences V.G. Kolyadenko, professor Y.V. Mitin; the second row – students, clinical residents, post-graduate students, lecturers of the departments.

In 2009 and 2010 the department together with the departments of ophthalmology diseases (the head is a corresponding Member. NAMS of Ukraine, Professor. H.D.Zhaboyedov) the department of otolaryngology (the head is prof. Y.V. Mitin) and with the Student Scientific Society named after O.A. Kissel hold two interdepartmental scientific and practical conference for youth, in which were represented about 30 reports of 2-6 years of studying students, medical residents and post-graduate students of the departments. The articles of the scientific reports were published.

The effectiveness of the department is confirmed by the publication of the 4th edition of a two-volume handbook by Professor Y.Y. Bernadskiy “Fundamentals of dental surgery and cranio-maxillo-facial surgery” and “traumatology and reconstructive surgery of cranio-maxillo-facial region” in Russian and Ukrainian languages in 2000–2003 y.y. and increasing the number of students in the department – the citizens of other countries, and dissertation defenses. In late 2000, Professor Y.Y. Bernadskiy became severely ill and stopped the active work of the department.

The scientific achievements of the department stipulated by the fact that in 2009 the head of the department Professor V.O. Malanchuk was invited for the first time as an official opponent for a dissertation defense on cranio-facial injury with a degree in “neurosurgery” (in the National Institute of Neurosurgery of the Academy of Medical Sciences), and in the spring 2010 – as an opponent for doctoral dissertation defense on treatment of maxillary sinusitis in the Scientific and Research Institute of Otorhinolaryngology (with the same occupation).

Also there should be noted the organizational work of the department. In January 1998, there was held the first Republican Conference “Modern dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery”, in which participated about 300 scientists (the articles were published).

In 1999 it was hold the Republican scientific and practice conference dedicated to 80th anniversary of the department and the 85th anniversary of birth of department professor Y.Y. Bernadskiy. As a result of this conference there was published a book “The department at the turn of Millennium.”

In May, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010 the department and Ukrainian Association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeons held the international congresses on dental implants, in which participated over 2000 representatives of 24 countries. The President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma (2004) and V.A. Yuschenko (2006), the head of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine V.M. Litvin (2010) and other state leaders welcomed the participants of the international scientific events.

In January 2008, the department held its first nominal scientific and practice international conference devoted to the 120th anniversary of birth of Professor S.N.Vaysblat (a photo), and in January 2009 – the similar conference on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of birth of Professor G.I.Semenchenko (a photo). Members of the student’s circles reported about the life and scientific way of professors, about their contribution to the occupation development.

The scientific materials of all these events were published in an individual book, and sent to all medical libraries of Ukraine, Central Library of CIS countries and to leading professors of a maxillo-facial surgery of CIS countries and received their high rating.


Participants of the conference dedicated to 120th anniversary since birth date of professor S.N.Vaysblat (11.01.2008). The first row: associate professor N.S.Koval, teaching assistant L.V.Nazarenko, teaching assistant V.I.Kozlyuk. Guests: professor A.V.Borysenko, professor G.P.Ruzin, professor V.I.Kutsevlyak, professor О.V.Rybalov, professor P.I.Tkachenko, professor V.A.Malanchuk, professor A.V.Savychuk, associate professor Y.A.Kulbashnaya, associate professor K.Y.Peredkov, associate professor I.Y. Garlyauskayte, associate professor О.І.Ostapko, students, post-graduate students and doctors.


Participants of the conference dedicated to 95th anniversary since birth date of professor G.I.Semenchenko (23.01.2009). The first row: teaching assistant Е.М.Loganovska, professor G.P.Ruzin, professor О.Y.Malyevych, teaching assistant L.V.Nazarenko, chairman of maxillo-facial division of Kherson regional hospital М.А.Lukyanenko. The second row: associate professor F.F.Voznyi, associate professor Y.P.Nagirnyi (Ternopil), teaching assistant О.М.Sennikov (Odessa), teaching assistant N.A.Berezivska, teaching assistant A.V.Kopchak, head of division, colonel Y.V.Fedirko, post-graduate students, master’s students, resident physicians, member-students of the circle and doctors

At the same time (since 2008) due to the quantity reduction of patients in outpatient, the department organized a television broadcast of the routine surgery room to the training room with two-way communication of a surgeon with students.

оол  оне

Surgery broadcast to the training room of the department

It is continued the development of international scientific cooperation. In September 2008, a delegation of the department consisting of 4 representatives, led by Professor V.O. Malanchuk, took part in the XIXth Congress of the European Association of cranio-maxillo-facial surgeon (Bologna, Italy). Two young lecturers and one clinical resident of the became acquainted with all prominent specialists in the world, listened to their reports, and were presented to the President of the Association, Professor L. Klauzer (Italy) and recommended to join this Association.

Since September 2007 the postgraduate student of the department G.G. Pylypiuk for the first time in the history of the university together with a group consisted of 6 representatives, started a 4-year post-graduate study at Caroline University (Stockholm, Sweden).

At the same university on the 26th of May 2009 professor Malanchuk V.O. gave one hour lecture for the colleagues, answered the questions and communicated with the scientists about the topical issues of the profession. In 2009 the intern O. Zinovchenko went to the University in Oslo (Norway) to study a Norwegian language with the following occupational training.

In June 2009, a student of the medical faculty of the University in Canada Jennifer Strabel worked 2 weeks at the department, assisted lecturers in surgeries, for which he wrote a letter of thanks on the 6th of June 2009 to the rector of NMU, professor V.F. Moskalenko.


A student from Canada Jennifer Strabel (06.2009) with the department staff (clinical intern Y.V.Chepurny, associate professor O.O.Astapenko, professor V.O. Malanchuk)

Scientific and practical achievements were stipulated that on the 21st of August 2000 V.O. Malanchuk was awarded the “Order of Merit” of the 3rd degree, in 2002 he became a professor, in 2003 was elected as a corresponding member of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, and in 2004 was created a “Honored Scientist of Ukraine “.

On the 29th of April 2010 an academic board of the university recommended the university complex of scientific publications of the department on biological grounding of reconstructive operations for participation in the competition to won the Prize of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine on regenerative maxillo-facial surgery (V.O. Malanchuk, V.S. Astakhov, A.S. Volovar, I.P. Logvynenko, and A.L.Tsilenko).

In 2004–2005 y.y. according to the university rate moved onto 3rd place, in 2007–2008 y.y. – onto the 5th place among 48 other clinical department of the National Medical University.


Department’s personnel (May, 2010). The first row: laboratory assistant Т.V.Volkova, associate professor K.Y.Peredkov, associate professor Y.A.Kulbashna, associate professor S.A.Usenko, associate professor O.S.Volovar, professor V.O.Malanchuk, teaching assistant E.N.Loganovska, associate professor F.F.Voznyi, associate professor I.Y.Garlyauskayte, teaching assistant N.A.Berezovska.
The second row: teaching assistant D.V.Topchiy, senior laboratory assistant N.Timoschenko, teaching assistant T.V.Dobryi-Vechir, senior laboratory assistant O.Chaykin, teaching assistant О.l.Tsilenko, senior laboratory assistant V.Maglyona, teaching assistant I.G.Skvortsova, teaching assistant A.V.Kopchak, post-graduate student I.S.Brodetskiy, resident physician Y.V.Chepurnoy, teaching assistant T.V.Salogub, teaching assistant M.A.Gorgiychuk, senior laboratory assistant L.Pavlovskiy, teaching assistant M.Y.Misko, senior laboratory assistant E.Zhukovtseva.

Over the whole period of the department existence there were defended 20 doctoral dissertations, 97 candidate’s dissertations; published 50 textbooks, monographs, articles and reports; received more than 215 certificates and patents; published more than 1450 scientific works; organized conferences, congresses, meetings, including 10 ones with international participation.

The decision of the department workers council was supported by the methodical commission of a dental faculty and the university. In 2006-2007y.y. the department worked under that name, but then it was replaced by the name that exists today: the Department of Surgical Dentistry and Maxillo-facial Surgery.

Under the new conditions the department continues to be a major one among the relevant departments of the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health. There were established the group of authors to write textbooks for students (the textbooks in English are prepared for publication); the specialists of this group are responsible for the operation of air ambulance services; since 1985 the 0.5 rate is existing for maxillo-facial surgeons in Kyiv medical emergency hospital.