Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology №3

Medical and advisory work

Responsible for the clinical work:   Associate Professor Usevych I. A.,

Tel. 405-02-51,  Mob. 067-787-05-87


Clinical bases of the department:

  • 1 Kyiv City Maternity Hospital No, 3 03148, Kyiv, 7 Kuchera str.
  • 2 Center of Women’s Health Clinical Hospital “Feofaniya”,03680, Kyiv, 21 Acad Zabolotnoho str.
  • 3 Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology named after O.M. Lukianova in Ukraine , 04050, Kyiv, 8 Platona Maiborody Str.


New technologies introduced, direction of medical work of the Department

Clinical work at the department is closely connected with scientific work, employees of department not only conduct numerous scientific researches but also implement them in practical medicine.


The Department pays great attention to improvement of conservative and surgical treatment of patients with pathology of internal genital organs, infertility. Minimally invasive methods of operative treatment are widely used – laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, organ-preserving surgery.


Therapy of patients uteris leyomioma is carried out individually in each case taking into account clinical data and results of clinical-laboratory examination. Organ-preserving techniques of operative interventions are widely used. Before surgery, patients are able to undergo the necessary examination using modern diagnostic equipment.


The department widely implements the latest technologies of diagnostics and treatment of internal-uterine pathology using both conservative methods and operative interventions.



Vi are reconstructive-plastic operations improved and implemented in practice in case prolaps of internal genital organs, internal genital anomalies of development.

The modern technique of plasmapheresis in obstetric and gynecological practice is also widely used at the department.


Medicinal categories of Employees:

  1. Vasyl Benyuk – Higher category
  2. Sergiy Ivaniuta – The highest category
  3. Halyna Makarenko – Higher category
  4. Igor Usevych – Higher category
  5. Olena Dyndar – Higher category
  6. Lilia Lastovetska – Higher category
  7. Tetiana Nykoniuk – Higher category
  8. Igor Maidanyk – Higher category
  9. Olena Shcherba – Higher category
  10. Valentyna Kurochka – Higher category
  11. Svitlana Beniuk – Higher category
  12. Tetiana Kovaliuk – Higher category
  13. Viktor Oleshko – the First category
  14. Yurii Drupp – Higher category


Equipment in the educational and treatment process:


  1. Ultrasound scanner Toshiba Xrio100 *Both the staff of the department and Physicians of the maternity hospitalused this scsnnet.
  2. Laparoscope “Karl Storz” – Used for  lapporoscopic  Operations in gynecological practice, and for the hysteroresetoscopic  Surgery for uterine pathology.
  3. Equipment for medical and donor plasmapheresis «Haemophenix»-is used in obstetric and gynecological clinic.