Testing Department of the HEI

The main goal of the department is conducting modern analytical studies for providing evidence basis for scientific and expert projects in the NMU Hygiene and Ecology Institute.


Toxicological-hygienic assessment sector

  Basic criteria
Activity areas:

Expert-analytical assessment and analysis of the materials regarding chemicals studying the following effects:

  1. Acute toxicity parameters: acute peroral, thermal, inhalation toxicity; irritation of the skin and mucosa; sensitization;
  2. Subacute toxicity: peroral, dermal;
  3. Subchronic toxicity;
  4. Chronic toxicity;
  5. Distant effects: cancerogenic properties, mutagenic properties, embryotoxicity, reproductive toxicity;
  6. Neurotoxicity: acute, subchronic and embryoneurotoxicity.
Expert-analytical assessment and analysis of the profile materials on the pesticide formulations and ready-to-use mixtures of chemical substances, represents the results of the studies aimed at research of: acute oral, dermal, inhalation toxicity, irritation of the skin and mucosa, sensitization.

The expert-analytical assessment and analysis of the profile materials for pesticides’ active ingredients represents the results of the studies on research of the following effects: biokinetics and metabolism, mechanism of action on the organism; additional studies (influence on hormones, certain organs, etc.)
Complex hygienic standardization of the new pesticides’ active ingredients and analysis of their toxicity and danger to the consumers at acute (single) and chronic (daily, during all life) introduction into the body.
Expert-analytical assessment and analysis of the dossier materials on active ingredients of generic pesticides represents the results of the studies of acute toxicity, irritation, sensitization, subchronic toxicity, mutagenic properties; in certain cases: long-term effects.

Empirical study of scientific information (literature data from open access sources) on toxicity of the original active ingredients and comparative toxicological-hygienic assessment of the generic active ingredients profile data.

Establishing the equivalency of the generic pesticides’ active ingredients to the original compounds according to purity, impurities and toxicological properties. Substantiation of recommendations on possibilities and terms of the formulations application with generic pesticides’ active ingredients in Ukraine.

Comparative toxicological-hygienic assessment of purity and impurities content in active ingredients of the generic formulations according to the manufacturer’s certificate and appropriate specification of the WHO/FAO of the EU.
Consulting foreign companies on the modern Ukrainian requirements to toxicological dosier of pesticide substances and formulations.
Consulting of companies on the list of necessary experiments for generic active ingredients toxic properties studying in order to obtain permanent registration of the pesticide formulation as well as on Ukrainian requirements for completing toxicological dossier of pesticide active ingredients and formulations.