The main goals of the department are: analysis of the obtained results, substantiation of hygienic standards and regulations for pesticides, agrochemicals and other chemicals application; introducing new methods and approaches to its safety evaluation; writing reports, articles, instructions and guides, monographs, preparing reports, preparation of reporting documents.


•     Hygienic standardization of pesticides and other chemicals in various mediums
•    Assessment of professional risks of complex and combined effect of pesticides and other chemicals on the professional contingents and population under different application methods
•    Substantiating of hygienic standards of the pesticides safe application for the professional contingents and population
•     Predicting Ukrainian population health changes and developing recommendations on prevention of diseases and instructions of safe pesticide application
•     Hygienic assessment of migration and transformation of pesticides in different environmental objects, predicting migration of fungicides into the soil and surface waters
•     Assessment of the risk for adults and children when consuming products treated with pesticides
•     Modeling of pesticides’ toxic properties
•     Assessment of risk for professionals and population when using the tank pesticides mixtures
Sanitary and epidemiological expertise and toxicological-hygienic evaluation of:

  • Mineral, organic and biological fertilizers, disinfection and sterilization means, household chemistry and various substances used in industry of Ukraine, composing standards, guides and instructions of safe use;
  • Standard-technical, project and construction documents;
  • Methods and means of cleaning pool, drinking and technical water;
  • Studies of safety of food and non-food products according to the accreditation branch.