Department of Products Quality Studies

The main Goal: complex monitoring of food products, primary products for the food products and alcohol production by quality and safety


Activity Areas:
  • Complex estimation of safety and quality of food products and their primary products;
  • Assessing quality and safety of alcohol products, examination of their authenticity;
Characteristics assessed in the Department:
  • Organoleptic characteristics;
  • Physical-chemical characteristics:
  • Nitrites, sweeteners, dyes, aphlatotoxins, mycotoxins, preservative agents, etc.;
  • Characteristics of quality of alcohol, evaluating its authenticity;
  • Evaluating the acid content: lactic, tartaric, citric, L-malic, D- malic, total malic, sorbic, L-ascorbic ;
  • Defining heavy metals content;

Analytical facilities: