Hygiene and Ecology Institute Management And Scientific resources


Director of Hygiene and Ecology Institute Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Science and Engineering State Prize Laureate, Honored Scientist and Technician of Ukraine

Omelchuk Sergii Tykhonovych

Scientific advisor Doctor of Medicine, Professor, Corresponding Member of NAMS of Ukraine, State Prize Laureate, Honored Scientist and Technician of Ukraine

Bardov Vasyl Gavrylovych

Quality manager Doctor of Medicine, Professor

Hrynzovskyi Anatolii Mykhailovych


Scientific resources

Adopted Standards in Sanitation and Hygiene:

Total staff scientists: 70 Basing on the toxicological-hygienic studies of new herbicides there have been submitted and adopted 2525 sanitation-hygienic standards of safe application, 477 guides;  18 maximum allowable concentrations in water; 25 tentatively safe exposure levels in atmospheric air and working area air; 12 tentatively allowable concentrations in soil; 1082 maximum allowable level of chemicals in agricultural products; 457 pre-harvest intervals; 912 terms of safe field works after processing them with ch
including Doctors of Science: 16
in Medicine 14
in Biology 2
Total PhDs: 40
in Medicine 34
in Biology 2