Department of Field Studies

Goals: sampling the substances, materials or products submitted for testing to the Hygiene and Ecology Institute of O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University.

Activity Areas:

  • Soil sampling;
  • Plant products sampling;
  • Water sampling;
  • Air sampling;
  • Application strips and flushes from the surface of the body of workers involved in the pesticides application;
  • Food products sampling;
  • Sampling of the chemicals of various functions;
  • Sampling the agrochemical products (pesticides, mineral, biological and organic fertilizers, plant growth stimulators).
Algorithm of substances, materials or products sampling.
Parameters, detected at sampling:

  • atmospheric (temperature , humidity, atmospheric pressure, air speed);
  • microclimate (temperature, humidity, atmspheric pressure and air speed);
  • workers’ health condition (examination of the skin, mucosa; measuring body temperature, pulse, arterial pressure);

Identifying the sample by the claimed characteristics.


  • Microclimate factors tester;
  • Portable electric aspirator;
  • Special vehicles for samples transporting;
  • Individual safety means.
The staff

conducting sampling, continuously improves his professional skills, being knowledgeable in issues of organizing and holding testings, evaluating appropriateness of processing and submitting the results.

Sampling is held out according to the International and National standard-technical documents and guides.