Bogomolets National Medical University

Department of Internal Medicine №3

Training and Methodological Work


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Responsible person for teaching and guiding work – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant professor Yu.M. Bondarenko.

Responsible person for the work with internship doctors with specialization in “Medicine of emergency” – Doctor of medical Sciences, Professor P.F. Dudka.

Responsible person for English-language form of education – Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant professor R.I. Ilnytsky.

Training process at the Department is conducted with 2-4th year students of The Faculty of Dentistry by internship doctors in “Dentistry” and “Medicine of emergency”.

At the Department due to the curriculum are taught such disciplines as “Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine” and “Internal Medicine” in Ukrainian, Russian and English according to standard program in Internal Medicine for of I-IVth year students of The Faculty of Dentistry (Poltava, April 2010), in the development of which took part members of the Department – Professor P.F. Dudka, Assistant professor Yu.M. Bondarenko, Assistant professor R.I. Ilnytsky, Teaching assistant I.P. Tarchenko, Teaching assistant O.l. Bodaretska.

Also at the Department are held practical trainings in “Nursing care” (Practice) with 2nd year students of the Faculty of Dentistry under the program, developed by the Department staff.

Bed-side practical trainings (Assistant professor R.I. Ilnytsky and students).

In practical classes of Assistant professor Yu.M. Bondarenko.

Modern medical and diagnostic equipment of clinical site of the Department, involved in learning process:

  • Ultra Sound System “Aloka (SSD-1700)” with linear, convex and cardiological sensors (2001);
  • diagnostic and treatment apparatus for conducting sessions of hypoxytherapy “Hipotron” (2005);
  • fiberoptic bronchoscope FB 18 P (company “Pentax”, Japan);
  • spirometers “Masterscop” and “Spiroset -3000” (Germany);
  • equipment for performing Holter monitoring of ECG;
  • ECG machine “Bioset”;
  • Oxygen monitor OT-101 (1997).


Video films, software programs, CD-books created by Department staff:

  • Diagnosis of cardiac failure, 2009 (software program);
  • Invasive methods of study of cardiovascular system (coronary angiography), 2009 (video).
  • Propaedeutics of Internal Medicine, 2010 (CD-book.)


In 2009, the staff of the Department organized and held on the basis of the Department seminars on “Application of metabolic cytoprotector mexicor in clinical practice” (October 2009), “Modern aspects of antithrombotic therapy in clinical practice” (November 2009), and Professor P. F. Dudka delivered reports.

On March 23, 2010 Department staff with the participation of WTO “Ukrainian Medical Association” and Students’ Scientific Society of National Medical University on the basis of Kyiv City Clinical Hospital №3 organized and held exhibition of photographs “Tuberculosis. Stop-frame”.

Photo-exhibition “Tuberculosis. Stop-frame”, March 23, 2010.